Cascarilla: The Cleansing Power Of Eggshells

Salt. Smoke. Eggshell. It sounds like the start of a beautiful brunch, but they're also magical cleansing elements that bring peace and protection to your space. Fancy incense and rituals are amazing tools, but sometimes all you need is some simple everyday magic. 
Many people who come into House of Intuition haven't heard of the cleansing power of Cascarilla. But, once they try it, they swear by the cleansing power of these magically ground-up eggshells
So, you're probably asking, how and why does it work?
The most common way to use Cascarilla is to repel negative energy and to put a protective shield around you and your space. You can do that by sprinkling Cascarilla around the perimeter of your house, on your windowsills, put it in floorwash, around the bottom of your doorways or anywhere in your house that there is an opening to the outside. If it's your own sacredness you are trying to protect, you can actually take a ritualistic bath with the powder. It's just eggshell, so unless you're allergic to eggs or eggshells, you shouldn't have any problems. You can also add honey or salt to the bath for added magical purification, protection and sweetness of energy. Or even easier, just sprinkle some on you like fairy dust and imagine a white light surrounding you in an egg shape
If you are trying to cleanse a house, get some of our Cascarilla with a House Blessing candle and palo santo for a simple, but effective arsenal of protection. 

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