10 Products to Aid in Your Journey of Finding Your Authentic Self

Products to Aid in Journey of Finding Your Authentic Self


If you're anything like me, your life is a constant journey of discovering who you are beyond just a name and a face. Life in itself is an endless series of discoveries of the clues that lead you to the salvation of your spirit.


For me, I've attended several meditation classes, read hundreds of articles on self-discovery and found myself traveling to many states and countries to experience the land that I am being raised on. The only conclusion I've come to so far is this: the journey for self-discovery lies in the present moment! It is here that I can manifest whatever discovery I so wish to have about myself. I am a builder of my reality, and what work I put into the present moment lays bricks for my future path.


Here are 10 products that I have picked out that can help you on your path to everyday discoveries.


1) Eledáa 


Our Eledáa magic resin is a combination of uplifting, optimistic scents that can be used as an offering to our guardian angels. Burning this resin on a coal or dressing your candle with it will assist in lifting your prayers to the heavens. I like to burn Eledáa when I am manifesting an idea towards my career or home life and would like a little extra assistance and bringing this into fruition in my life. The palo santo chips and rose absolute are the highlights in this blend for me. Get Eledáa here. 


2) Rosemary 


Burning rosemary brings clarity to your home or any space that you feel needs an energy revamp. It is great for living and working areas, and burned at times when clarification is needed in situations calling for high levels of communication, research or completion of a plan.  Burning rosemary also allows you to let go of any negative thoughts or learned behaviors that you feel have been stalling your spiritual excellence. 


3) Self Candle 


The Self candle from our HOI Magic Candle brand is great to burn when you feel it is time to manifest balance, truth, deep understanding, forgiveness and love for your authentic self. This candle, along with all of the candle in our magic, zodiac and limited edition lines, include crystals at the bottom that are supercharged with the intention that you've set at the beginning of this manifestation. Bonus: You can dress your candle with Eledaa or Dragon's Blood Resin to enhance your intention even further. Pick up a Self Candle here. 


4) Awaken Scrub


This facial and body scrub is jam packed with supplements to help your skin to feel its healthiest. The combination of the coconut oil and raw sugar and salts give your skin a deep exfoliation. The citrus in this blend also awaken your spirit. Stop by any House of Intuition location to get some Awaken Scrub. 


5) 5th Chakra Tea 


Drinking this tea will allow you to communicate with your authentic self to establish resonance. The mixture of herbs allows your throat chakra to relax so that it can awaken to its utmost potential. The echinacea root in this tea is known for clearing up respiratory problems as well. You can also get this at any House of Intuition location. 


6) Memory Test 


This mentally refreshing infusion is crafted to help give you feelings of clarity and precision. This tea with minty infusions will help you to clear up any foggy moments you may have. I recommend this blend because of the clarification properties that it has.


7) Epsom Salt Bath 


Taking a bath in some epsom salts is a relaxing way to begin or end your day. I enjoy epsom salts because the small size of the crystals allows for easy dissolution in the bath. Bonus: Pair this with our Coconut Cleansing Bath or some lavender petals for the ultimate cleansing bath.


8) Yerba Santa 


Yerba Santa is an shrub that grows in the mountains of Mexico. Historically yerba santa has been burned to enhance spiritual strength and psychic powers. Spiritually, this is an ideal plant for healing. The burning of Yerba Santa allows for the release of pain stored in the lungs and heart area. It can also be used for beautification purposes in your bath, which allows you to bring out your inner beauty.


9) Soul Coaching: 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self by Denise Lin 


This book is available at our stores. I purchased this book because I needed a sense of structure in order to establish daily commitments to finding myself. This book breaks down what it is you're trying to accomplish and has daily spiritual guidance and activities to help you discover more about yourself and your spiritual path. Call us at 213.413.8300 to see if we have this book at any of our 3 locations! 


10) Crystal: Black Onyx


This banded, black chalcedony has been used for centuries for the ability of its user to achieve self-mastery. This crystal in particular aids in bringing out one's shadow self during concentrated meditation, within this time giving the wearer or holder the ability to approach what needs to be worked on in order to achieve enlightenment. Its abilities also increase gradually over time, becoming stronger and more powerful the more you work with it. Working with the root or base chakra, this crystal will continue to offer protection and stability during this sometimes Earth-shattering equation we like to call the human journey

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