Tarot Card of The Week: The Magician

 Tarot Card of The Week: The Magician


In his robes, with all of his magical tools in front of him on the table, the Magician, numeral 1 in the tarot, is ready to penetrate the membrane of the cosmos and allow love to rain down, so that his wildest dreams become a reality.


If The Fool is the baby, the Magician is the adolescent. Why? Because this card is #1--complete potential. The Magician has a youth and a virginal quality about him and knows no impurity. You may be a beginner, but that does not mean you are a novice. You've gained considerable intelligence and have all of the tools here at your disposal to make it happen. 

This is super appropriate as yesterday morning the Moon moved into revolutionary, innovative Aquarius. This means it is time to create radical change and how appropriate that the Magus came to facilitate this expansion. 


With his arms, Magician acts out the idiom "as above, so below." As the moon and the universe shifts and change, so shall we. With this knowledge, and his magical implements,  he is ready willing and able to take action in building his future exactly the way he wants it to look. He is the manifestor! And with the serpentine flow of the figure 8 swirling above his head, he knows that infinity is in the present moment, and that is the place from where he creates. 


Arcanum I, Magician has no distractions or fear, he knows exactly what to do and nothing can deviate him from his master plans. He is an empty vessel for God to fill, therefore he has no secrets or skeletons. There is no greater intelligence than having a completely open heart. Prepare your magical work by grounding and centering yourself, by doing this you are automatically protected.


Allow yourself to sit in this space enjoying the perfection of the present moment, where your breath and blood course effortlessly. Hold your intention in your heart and allow it to radiate in all directions. "With the Wand, createth He. With the Cup preserveth He. With the Dagger destroyeth He. With the Coin redeemeth He," says another Magician of his own right, Aleister Crowley. Let the white light descend. Honor The Magician by getting one of our Magician candles in our Major Arcana line. 


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