Tarot Card of The Week: The Hanged Man Reverse

Tarot Card of The Week: The Hanged Man Reverse


The Hanged Man hangs himself upside down to gain a different perspective, but when he's reversed his head is illuminated with this golden halo of light like a lightbulb went off.


BING! You've been voluntarily ridding yourself of what no longer serves you lately and because of that you feel lighter and awakened. This is so awesome because you’ve instinctively cut the ties, no one made you, this is natural evolution. Maturity! You're letting it all go, and by doing so, you've allowed yourself to delve deep into the sea of the unconscious and have gained some much needed wisdom. And what perfect timing! 

Intuitively, I read this for you as clearing away the clouds of childhood. There have been certain attachments to fear or pain that have been a theme for you in some way or another for a long time and these clouds have been so thick that you became numb. You couldn't even see clearly for the longest time because you held so strongly to things about you that felt so adamantly fundamental!


Hanged Man reversed says you're realizing what used to be fact is now just a belief. Beliefs can be changed. And what is fact? Well, the fact is that your soul is perfect just by being a soul. And How can you define a soul? I define a soul as the life force energy that brings this mass of bones and flesh to life. The essence of the DNA chains. The you that's looking outside your eyeballs now reading this and seeing everything. The you that, once the body has served its purpose, will ascend somewhere that the greater collective soul resides. 

I even know that personally, my own self-hatred that started as a result of the environmental conditioning that existed when I was a child ran so deep, that I couldn't even think about myself without cringing. I was actually so horrified and disgusted by the past because I believed there was something fundamentally wrong with me! But, by just naturally evolving as an adult, and shifting my perspective I can see that my circumstances made me who I am. I wouldn't want to be anyone else anymore!


From this perspective, I can love even the shadow. The shadow is what gave me the unique personality which is completely my own for the extent of this life. The awareness of the soul is what outshines the shadow with love. Without the shadow, we would all be so boring! Thank GOD for the hatred because if nothing else it makes you interesting! This figure reversed seems to be dancing a jig of delight now that he has attained this knowledge. You can even see when he's reversed it appears as if he's smiling. Oh, what a relief! 

What's also interesting about this reversal is that the man forms the image of the #4 which is the number of foundation, which you can look at as something he has created by turning himself upside down. This means that what was once torn apart in the past is now mended back together, stronger and more solid than ever before, by simply just seeing it in a different way. 


This #4 shape is also the sign of Jupiter: the planet of expansion, higher education, experience, and good luck. All traits of this card's reversal. Hanged Man also corresponds to the Hebrew letter Mem which means Water. There is a vastness and a passive receptivity to this card. Relinquishing to fluidity, heartbeat and rhythm, and there by receiving holy light. 

Step into this newfound clarity. Smile at the prospect of change. Breath with the perfection of this present moment, and know that this enlightenment IS the gift. God likes that you have gotten over this hurdle and you will be showered with love and abundance. There's no reason not to now! 

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