10 Ways To Keep Your Vibe High

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Many people wish they could attract positive things to them and feel as though their life is a series of unrelated events however, studies have shown that our attitude is everything. The way we react to situations can create either a life of peace or turmoil because each word and emotion trigger a chain of events with the environment around us. One of the secrets to success is being practiced and skilled at keeping your vibe high. This means that when life throws you a curve ball and expectations are unmet, you know how to separate your emotions from yourself and not speak or act in anger or fear. Additionally, if we keep our vibe up we lower the stress response of our body systems that lead to long term health complications. This is where working with spirit can be very tangibly helpful in your day to day life. Here is a list you can revisit anytime when you're wanted things to do to improve you life. They are simple and inexpensive! 

1. Get Adequate Sleep - The body's hormones get way out of whack when we don't get adequate sleep. It's not possible to feel good when we are sleep deprived and that's why this made it to the top of the list. Often times people reach for caffeine to solve their fatigue which causes adrenal fatigue making them more tired and irritable. Many times our social circle influences our sleep or our partners and so it's our responsibility to communicate and set healthy boundaries and not blame them. 

2. Hydrate - The first signs of dehydration are a headache, tiredness and emotional distress. We often feel depressed only because our organs are starved of H20 and the body is trying to send an alert to the brain. Often times people don't notice the first signs of dehydration and don't address it until they are nauseous or have a full blown migraine. Drinking two liters of alkaline water daily is a preventive tool that will have your back when life gives you lemons and will help you to keep looking at the glass as half full. You could get a pack of reusable bottles and keep them in places you frequent like your car, work and bedroom. 

3. Play Uplifting Music -  Music creates a frequency that interacts with the body's nervous system. This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to keep your vibe up. Music is medicine for your emotions if you use it with awareness. For example, if you're feel down and you listen to sad songs, it's not going to bring your vibration up. Calm and soothing music can help calm an anxious mind and lyrics with a positive vibration like reggea can also help you feel more optimistic. If you take it one step further, there is music designed more scientifically to create certain brainwave states. 

4. Use Affirmations - There are people who spend their whole career teaching NLP (neural linguistic programming) which is the basic premise of using positive affirmations. The way that neurons fire in our brain overtime are our basic unconscious thought patterns. If we redirect those thought patterns with affirmations, we are able to change our state and create new habitual ways of thinking that people will enjoy being around. Instead of seeing what could go wrong, we can train ourselves to focus on the potential positive outcomes of a situation. This can help us at home and at work. Leaders are masters in using words to build up the energy of their employees instead of draining them with negative words. There's a famous book that discusses these techniques called Zap! The Lightning of Empowerment: How To Improve Quality, Productivity and Employee Satisfaction. 

5. Wear Crystals - When we were in science class, we learned that everything is in motion. Atoms are constantly vibrating even in objects that look inanimate. Of course this is happening on a very microscopic level however this minutia affect the nervous system and lymphatic system which fire off hormones in our body regulating our mood. People throughout cultures have placed a high value on gems and crystals. In fact, even though they are the smallest items we own, they can be more costly than our cars. The way a crystal resonates has been studied in cultures that had no interactions with each other. The 'sensitive' people in cultures found the same crystals would affect emotions in the same ways. While it's not going to immediately solve all your problems, it's a good habit to get into to use them. Some will calm you and some will help you feel positive. If you're empathic, some will help protect your subtle body by deflecting energy. 

6. Burn Incense and Candles - This works twofold. First it stimulates your senses and brings you into a calm state through that gateway. The other way it works is that the smoke has been studied and proven to clear positive ions from the air which put the nervous system on alert and induce anxiety. Regularly burning incense and sage can greatly improve your vibration. If you don't like the strong scents, try non-synthetic and natural incense which is entirely plant derived. Interestingly, we are so used to smelling synthetic fragrance that we often have to get used to natural scents overtime. If you use natural products like perfumes and deodorants, your nose palate will start to cleanse. The healthier you eat and the less toxins you have in your body, the more your body will actually enjoy natural scents because it is resonating with the organic compounds. 

7. Read Inspiring Books - As cliche as it sounds this relates to our technique about using positive affirmations and it truly does work. If you read positive words and things written by people who think optimistically, your perspective can shift. A book takes you into another reality and is food for the soul. If you want a few recommendations, start with The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz or The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Reading a passage first thing in the morning or just a page or paragraph before bed can set you in a positive trajectory. Check out our library at one of our three locations in LA! 

8. Attend Spiritual Events - Because we all have a subtle energetic body (evident in both scientific studies and through clairvoyant readings) we are a sponge to the emotional charges in the environment. If we put ourselves around people that are already trained to keep their attitude of gratitude strong and give off good vibes, we will be influenced positively. Why do people with a 20 year meditation practice have a following? Because they are food for the energy body in a weird way. People want the secret to success and the practice and habits of the spiritually adept offer a key to this elusive box. Find a metaphysical center in your area or come to ours. We also offer classes on www.HOI.TV available at anytime even on your phone. 

9. Exercise Daily - Again, the chemistry of our body is key to keeping our vibe high and attracting success. We keep hearing about new biohacks that help release endorphins and while food is absolutely, unarguably an huge influence to our mood and internal chemical balance, exercising in some capacity daily is how we produce 'the happy chemicals' of endorphins the easiest. Getting our heart rate up, getting a sweat and moving the energy that's stuck in our body is essential to a good mood. Depression is rampant in our society and pills only cover up what most people's root cause is which is lack of exercise and proper eating. 

10. Eat Healthy - Last but surely not least is the fuel we put in our bodies. Think about how the hormones and systems of the body would fail if we lived off of diet coke and cigarettes. Eating a plant based clean diet is truly one of the best gifts we can give ourselves that will affect our ability to positive situations into our lives. It's an act of self love that works with one of the higher laws of the universe, 'as above so below, as within so without.' This means that the same thing happening in the smallest part of the universe in the micro is happening on the largest scale or the macro. In Lamen's terms, if you consistently show yourself you love yourself by making healthy choices as if your body was a temple you are honoring in a sacred way, the world will mirror that love and consideration back to you. 

Remember to share this with your friends so we can all become happy and successful together! Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your day! With Love, ~House of Intuition

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