Listening To Your Intuition

Art by Anna & Elena Balbusso
We have all the tools and magicians to help you learn how to access and understand your intuition better. In a practical sense, your intuition can help you make better decisions because it is the part of you that hears the voice of your soul. It helps you feel what is best for you beyond what other people may think is best. This concept is not so deeply ingrained in our culture and that is why I thought it would be good to help people who are new to working with their intuition see just why and how to open the gateway to the unseen realm of precognition and guidance from spirit. Intuition can come from different sensory experiences whether it's tiredness, a stomachache, a headache, a dream or an idea that comes into your head. Sometimes you'll think of someone out of the blue and then you see them for instance. Intuition is a grey area that is not black and white. It can help you see the root cause of your emotions so you can see any destructive thoughts that may be causing you grief or allowing you to make poor decisions. 
Your body has innate wisdom. It will talk to you if you listen and 'tune in.' The healthier you eat, the easier it is for the universe to communicate with you. A super healthy person will tell you their emotions become impossible to ignore because you feel much more deeply and are keen to that inner voice. If you forget to listen, your body will usually slow you down enough to remind you to listen. When people cut out toxins from their diet, they become a more well oiled machine and receptor for source energy. Believe it or not, your body is constantly in communication with you. Even when you feel confused and stuck it's your body creating a holding pattern because you're not meant to move forward before something happens or develops. The more we realize that our mental state (when we are giving ourself adequate sleep, water, exercise and healthy food) is not working against us but working with us, we can learn to love your body. If you're feeling tired, your body may be saying you need water and that can reduce more serious symptoms. If you're feeling low energy it may be because you're body is telling you that you need healthy fats or more exercise. 
If you start feeling a certain way before hanging out with someone or a group of people, it could be that those people aren't meant to be in your life. The more you start to notice and track the messages your body gives you, the better you will be able to interpret those personalized messages. Even the times when you feel like your mind is chaotic or stormy without clarity, it is an important part of divine timing that skews the signal so you can get the proper alignment of events as you need them and not as you think you need them.
Frequent messages in meditation can cue you in to major life decisions that you may be unconsciously avoiding such as job changes. Even messages about people who could use your help and support can come to you when you are open to intuition. The body receives wisdom from beyond the time space continuum that the brain cannot comprehend. You may get a feeling that you should avoid going somewhere or stall before leaving for just the right reason. 
When it comes to making big decisions like who we are going to date and what we are going to do for work, we can use our intuition as a sounding board. Notice how your body feels when you think about one decision verses another. If you're feeling uneasy about something sit and ask yourself why that is. 
The best ways to work on developing your intuition are to practice meditation and educate yourself on the thirdeye and study with other people who have already developed it. You can read books from our libraries at one of our three locations in Los Angeles and attend our classes in person or online with www.HOI.TV. If you're looking for a good book, start with The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette which we usually carry in our stores! It is a step by step workbook to help you develop intuition. Also Naha teaches an Intuition Development course once per week you can keep an eye out for on

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