Possibilities Are Everywhere

Do you ever find yourself feeling like you have no where to turn? This is a mindset that people refer to as scarcity consciousness. When we start to feel like we are scraping by or that we have limited options, our mind doesn't see the unlimited potential that lies before us. We feel trapped and disempowered. I was inspired while listening to the radio to write about this subject because for someone out there reading this, it IS going to make all the difference. The perspective that possibilities are everywhere can DRASTICALLY shift your ability to manifest. I'm going to share from personal experience because I clearly remember when that shift started happening for me and what I did to get there.

When I realized I didn't want to be a slave to the grind and committed to getting out of the rat race I saw those entrepreneurs, healers, authors, travelling yoga teachers and actors as somehow different than me like they had some unknown, unspoken advantage. The truth is they believed they could do anything and they did. I literally used to work for minimum wage at a health food store and ate one meal a day thinking it was the best I could do if I wanted to help the world. What a crock of hogwash! I had yet to truly learn through experience that our thoughts attract creative ideas and guide our conversations as well as attract high vibration people! I read about it and started to practice thinking this way. Slowly but surely I realized that if I thought about something I could manifest it quickly. Over the years I retrained my brain until I knew if I focused on it, it could happen. 

Then it became about decided what was the most important thing to want. It was no longer a big salary, a beach house and a hubby. It was much bigger, I knew if you have power you have to use it wisely and not squander the energy or you end up feeling empty. I started making vision boards and manifesting with the moon cycles and VERY specific things I put on my lists came. So I began teaching the technique I was using and it worked for other people too! The class was a great success at House of Intuition. But the one thing I use on a daily basis is the affirmation that 'amazing things are happening and good things are here.' I also practice a kundalini yoga kriya called Sobagh Kriya which brings opportunities by charging up your energy field at a high velocity. Additionally I write down morning and night in gratitude as if the thing I need is already here. It may be a spiritual gift, an emotional quality or a healthier relationship dynamic. Whatever it is, it manifests! 

Once you start to see there are possibilities everywhere, you can open up to people you may have been nervous to reach out to. You can share your ideas. You can create jobs out of thin air by offering your services with enthusiasm. I've done this many times ( I still do it). You can bug a company nicely until they have an opening (I've done this many times...HOI was one of them). If you start to feel the excitement of endless possibilities as if energy was pouring into your body from the universe like Niagara falls, you will suddenly see a whole new world. One final word of advice, practice makes perfect. 

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