Pressures To Conform: Let Spirit Help

Where in your life do you feel pressure to conform? The way you dress? What you eat? What you do for work? What social activities you participate in? Throughout our lives, the pressures we are exposed to vary from the time we are in school where we have pressure to skip class or dress like the cool kids to the times when we are in college and pressured to join a frat or be a part of the in crowd. Next comes the pressure from family to conform to the societal dream of a big ole' fancy car, a perfect union of a partner who looks good on paper and in person and of course that big hefty mortgage. We are pressured into jobs that might not serve the greater good and might not serve our soul. Many of us grew up not knowing what a soul was besides a term used in that book Eat, Pray, Love (the first metaphysical book to go mainstream). But how can the 'other side' help you deal with the pressures to conform? They can help A LOT.

First of all you can ask them to help you find opportunities that are right for you whether it's mentors, training, books or ideas about where to look. You can ask them to help you deal with the anxiety created by society and feel surrounded by their support. You can ask them to help you see the bigger picture and to see where you are being influenced to think about things in an unhealthy way. They may show you that someone at work is drinking far too much coffee and thus it has become a normalized behavior stealing every ounce of your energy. They may show you that you aren't valuing yourself enough to get the proper training you need to follow your soul's true desires. They may show you that you need to communicate differently in relationships of all kinds, even if you don't know anyone that does.

Spirit guides and your higher self help you to hear the wisdom of your true self (some people call this your heart but it's actually the eternal part of you that whispers in quiet meditation). If you are dealing with pressures to conform or are conforming in certain ways, I can guarantee you that House of Intuition can help. You can find a safe haven and a group of people that can even help you see if you're being pressured in ways that aren't good for you. HOI is a place on non-judgement and pure intention that will help you find guidance and actions that are in alignment with your highest good and purest self. The readers are dedicated to your soul and your true self and can help you tap in when things feel cloudy. You can browse our books and find crystals that keep that connection open. The items take home with you are a memento to help remind you that you are not your environment. You are not required to uphold the expectations of those around you about how you choose to express yourself or live your life. You are actually free and we are here to remind you. 

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