Today's Deep Healing Full Moon is A Turning Point

Art by Waldemar Borwoski

There's been a theme leading up to this full moon and trust me, you're not alone if you've felt like there's been some juju shaking things up. We are getting an opportunity to find gratitude and trust that things will work out even in a storm. Many people in different contexts have felt as though the odds were suddenly stacked against them or felt like they were literally living the saying, 'when it rains it pours.' However, we know that the night is always followed by the sunshine rising in the horizon and we can be sure there is a psychological shift occurring evolving us together. This time, we are letting go of some old ways of thinking that are deeply rooted.

The June 9th Full Moon is in the communicative sign of Sagittarius. But today, don't say too much or you may find yourself wanting to retract statements that are said without careful consideration. Neurotic tendencies may be triggered by this full moon causing us to react. If you start to feel like your ego is taking over and you're not acting in a calm and collected manner, try just slowing down, letting go consciously of whatever is bothering you and turning it over to spirit to take care of. Remember, a full moon brings heightened emotions and sometimes it's best to take a few days away from our partners especially if things are already rocky. 

There are also pressures with this full moon to satisfy your need for intimacy but resist this temporary urge because fast actions not well thought out can only lead to low self esteem. Use this energy to transform your primal archaic urges by noticing them and triumphing over them. I urge you not to take moments of temporary disrespect to heart when everyone is a little 'loony' on this lunation. I'm not saying allow yourself to be a doormat but just let people cool off and if they need to throw a temper tantrum, give them space to work it out on their own. You can find things you want to do and just simply state that you're busy so you do not have to engage in full blown drama. 

Diamonds are made under pressure and if you're in a healthy relationship, you may be able to experience some valuable and strengthening lessons that allow your dynamic to evolve to the next level. To get through this 4 day period (two days before and two after) spend time talking to people you love and allow yourself to open up. Keep exercising and eating healthy so your body is working for you and not against you emotionally. Finally get ready for those seeds you planted on the new moon to start to show up! You never know what magic may manifest with the moon fully illuminated! As always we have a special full moon candle to help you release and understand the energies in effect at this time.


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