Find Your Purpose & You'll Find Your Soulmate

Art by Scott McNeil

Emotions need an outlet. We are not robots and we respond to events and have fluctuating feelings. As those feelings ebb and flow, we need, as humans an outlet to channel them. If they stay stagnant, we feel 'off.' When people have a prolonged emotional crisis, their lives are painted with a hue of forlorn disdain for the predicament they seem to be habitually experiencing. The self pity or resentment that grows from feeling disconnected from true enjoyment of life wreaks havoc on our ability to attract a healthy relationship. To be as straight forward as possible, when you don't like your job, it's very hard for people to like you. But there is a way out of this cycle and it's one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself. 

You do not need to subscribe to any religion or spiritual tradition to experience this shift. Through all of my counselling sessions, I noticed that when people felt fulfilled in their jobs and enjoyed what they were doing, they had healthy relationships and visa versa. It was a constant observation. So first we can do a check in with ourselves and maybe we are already doing alright. Maybe we do actually like our job and have a pretty darn good relationship. But for those who are yet to align with someone who feels right, let's take a candid look at your work and what your soul may be whispering for you to do! 

No matter how much we want someone to like us, they will be repelled from us if we feel like we need them to be happy. Your energy needs to be poured into your purpose and your mission in life and not into your crush. If you are finding you're having a string of failed relationships, this could be the missing link. But what does your soul want you to do? How do you find that purpose? I like to use a map of the stars and the system of numerology to begin. Try looking up the strengths of your astrological sign. Then you can write down three careers that come to mind when thinking about those strengths. Next look up your life path number (this is based on numerology and there are many websites that will calculate it for you). Again, look at the strengths of this number and write down three careers related to this. Finally, look up your Chinese zodiac animal which is based on the year you were born. Do the same process as before and read about the strengths of your animal sign. Next, write down three careers that come to mind when you think about these strengths. 

You can consider what is in the highest good for everyone and eliminate any careers that feel like they would solely feed your ego. Next you can start planning how to make your move. Do you need additional training? Do you need to start applying for jobs or if you're starting out in a new field do you need to lower your overhead to be able to afford it? Once you've set down weekly, monthly and a year goal, take action on your plan. You will start to feel excited about life and your energy will start to be like a positive magnet. When you wake up happy, it's contagious and this little secret can help you find someone that also enjoys their life. Whether or not you even believe in the concept of a soulmate, it's not important because we know that like attracts like. So get happy and build a foundation in your life that you are totally stoked to stand on, then watch the mojo work in your favor. Magic is kind of using the wisdom we have about human nature to our benefit without hurting anyone. Thanks for listening and if you'd like more advice on your soul's purpose, consider a reading with one of our healers at our Echo Park or Melrose location. You can also watch my class on HOI TV called Discover Your Life Purpose. You get a free day when you sign up and you can watch all the episodes on your phone. 

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