Relax and Let The Answers Come

Art by Laura Hollick

Listen to the voice of your soul in a very matter of fact way. This message came through in meditation and inspired me to write an article about how to hear the wisdom of your soul to find solutions, new perspectives and ideas. In order to get those simple and straight forward messages, we must sit quietly in meditation and relax our body. Sometimes they will come as words, an idea or a picture. We may see signs as we are out and about on a car, sign or  even hear something on the radio. If we are going to recieve, we must get ready to do so and realize that it's not about forcing but about allowing. Try to get your body as relaxed as possible. Let all the tension out of it and completely relax. Let your mind be still and don't try to figure anything out. This overrides the logic side of the brain allowing spirit to flow through you so you can hear the wisdom spirit and your soul has to offer. Those ideas that seem to come out of no where pop up when you're surrendering to the spirit side of you and just trusting that voice. I find I'm often surprised at the ideas that just 'pop up.' I'll often think, "really? That's what you want me to do?" I've made moves based on these gut feelings and pursued things that people in my environment would be afraid to. 

Spirit can offer you perspectives on how to best use your time while you are here on earth in ways that will be more satisfying that what society tells you. Spirit can help you align your actions with your spirit in very practical ways. I often listen to spirit and say, "ok what is our order of operations today?" Sprit will guide me sometimes to do things I didn't expect to do, like stay home and rest. I've found it always is for a reason though because I'll often need that energy for something I didn't know what coming. When it comes to major life decisions, relaxing and just seeing what information comes through is one of the most important things you can do in your life. When we are deciding who to marry, what job to do and where to live, we can use this relaxation technique. The difficult part is trusting that it really can be that simple and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that we do in fact have a soul that knows what is best for us. 

I know some painters who are constantly in that state of 'flow' who opening talk about how they just let their soul guide them all throughout the day. Not only are they successful but they live in a state of constant joy. Their art comes through really quickly but it's professional quality and neither of these painters have an art degree. People resonate so much with their art that they developed large followings around the world. Their trust developed from experiencing the state of ease that comes from listening to those messages and finding things become easier. These painters do no live in fear and do not make fear based decisions. They just know that things are going to work out when they put in effort and their intention is pure. They don't act for their own self interest but use their energy for the greater good. It's so inspiring to see young women in their twenties openly talking about their process and about how they live their life in an intuitive connection to their soul allowing abundance and success to flow into their lives! 

These painters also see their environment as a mirror for what they need to see within themselves so they never feel like a victim. They see everyone and ever experience as a feedback mechanism allowing them to be in a constant state of wonder, learning and appreciation for all experiences no matter how challenging or rewarding. They do not label people or experiences as positive or negative but merely as an effect from a cause of their own energy. If you'd like to learn more about this process, I recommend getting readings and healings from House of Intuition because the only way a healer can work is through this completely relaxed state. The classes we offer in person and on HOI.TV can help you retrain your thinking to stay in and live in constant connection with your soul. Welcome to the most rewarding and exciting journey of your life! We are here for you. ~House of Intuition


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