Healing Childhood Trauma: Secret Ingredient To Heal The Present Moment

One of the most empowering meditations you can do is detailed in this article. They say most of the experiences we have as adults are actually us just reacting based on experiences we have had as children or young adults. If you notice you feel out of control of your emotions or decisions as many of us do sometimes, this will help you get to the root cause of those negative feelings. This is not a new concept either, in my clairvoyant training program it was a keystone of our process to be able to clear ourselves and be an empty vessel. It's something I have used for years and learned from other healers. The image above from Burning Man shows the inner child that is still within us as adults, communicating to the outside world and causing confusion. The inner child is actually your friend when you heal the emotional experiences because the childlike wonder and sense of magic required to bring fresh energy into your life will return. 
The reason we want to heal the inner child is so that we can stop reacting negatively and blowing things out of proportion. We can stop living in fear and remove the programming that's limiting to our happiness and potential. If you feel 'jaded' it's a good time to start this inspiring meditation practice. Here is a good way to begin healing your inner child. Sit down with a journal and think about something you struggled to deal with recently. Maybe you became irritated or lost your cool. Maybe you are frustrated because you're not getting enough credit for your work or you're feeling like you're carrying the responsibilities at home. Whatever it is, right it down.              
Next, close your eyes and think of the very first time you felt this same feeling. Sit with it for a second and see what comes to mind. See the memory play out in your mind and ask yourself how this memory is coloring your reactions or experiences in your present life. Write that down as well. As you practice this exercise it will start to feel more familiar because it's like learning any new skill, it becomes easier with time. Now comes the creative part. You get to give yourself a new memory, one where there was no trauma, no bullying and no neglect. Maybe you put yourself in a new place, with different people and in a safe loving environment. This is healing the energy linked to this memory that you are still holding onto. Your job is to watch the new memory play out in your mind like a movie. Then ask yourself how this new memory will affect your present life. Whatever comes to mind write that down. 
You can do this process once or twice a day. Really you can do it anytime you get a strong reaction or feel a pattern is playing out in your reality that is undesirable. The memories may be when you were just a baby or even into your twenties, there's no real limit. The energetic charge of experiences store in our energetic body and in our cellular memory. One more tip to keep those experiences from weighing heavily on you is to do regular breathwork. The reason breathwork is so effective is because if we have habituated thought patterns that are negative, they start to build up in our energy field. When we breathe, we bring in chi which clears our energy field. A simple 3 or 11 minutes of breathe of fire (as long as you are not pregnant or on your period) everyday will also help to reduce reactionary behaviors. There are lots of great books about breathing exercises that can be effective and go well with inner child work. Many traditions offer breathwork as a method of deep healing and daily maintenance.
Thanks for reading and I will leave you with this, happiness is very simple. The cool thing about inner child work and breathwork is that it's fast and totally free! 
Stay smiling ~ House of Intuition

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