Answers That Come Through Meditation

When we come to a point in our life where we need advice, many of us ask others what their opinion is. Most people talk to their parents, coworkers, partners and friends and make decisions based on their advice. This puts us in a constant feedback with each other where we become mirrors of each other's realities and experiences. When we rely on this source of advice for our decision making, evolving our consciousness really does slow down and here is why. When we do not seek answers from our soul, we are easily swayed to believe other people's truths. When we all believe other people's truth, who is running the ship? We make decisions in order to be accepted and avoid being ostracized. The reason I'm bringing this topic up is because there is a source that most people do not know about that can guide you to greater happiness and fulfillment and that is your soul. 
Welcome to a new perspective. You may have grown up hearing about the term 'soul' and had different ideas about what it may be. Maybe it's a feeling related to kindness, altruism and self love or maybe you view it as your 'conscience.' The soul is the eternal part of our consciousness that lasts before and after our physical body. The soul is accessed through the third eye and if you meditate regularly, you can increase the activity in your third eye like fine tuning a radio. If you meditate everyday for about 15 minutes you'll soon notice that your soul is ready to talk and help you on many levels in your life from deciding what to eat, when to rest, how to resolve inner-conflicts and where to focus you energy.
The interesting thing about answers that come from meditation is that they are unpredictable. The type of answers are not communicated in the same way we may be used to and they may come through the way our body feels, an idea that just pops into our mind or a new way of seeing a situation that you hadn't thought of prior. When we listen to the voice of our soul, the most interesting thing is that it will set things up for us because the soul is not tied to the past, present and future. Your soul can help you make decisions that are preparing you for something without your knowledge. Your soul is beyond the ego and works for the highest good of all.
How do you tell if a message is coming from your soul, your ego or your conditioned mind? You can ask yourself a few questions. Ask what your intention is and what a course of action provides for you or others. You can also ask if this is only serving your ego and if it's temporary satisfaction or validation. If the decision involves other people, you can ask what the other people's intentions are. Are other people's intentions self serving or for the greater good? We often get ideas and want to pursue them but the urge to pursue them is not reflected upon. What I mean is that we may be motivated by a sense of loneliness or insecurity instead of something that will lead us to sustainable happiness. 
In conclusion, your soul will give you information that you do not expect. It's not predictable. You can hear those messages more clearly, the more you meditate. If you're unsure if it's ego or truth, ask those questions to decipher the truth. Never make rash decisions if you're unsure. You can sit with a decision and see how you feel about it overtime. Notice if the advice feels familiar, genuine and loving or if it feels scary, aggressive and risky. Your soul will direct you to make self loving decisions. It will direct you away from people who don't treat you well, jobs that are not for your highest good or the highest good and foods and substances that are draining you. 
Be ready for any information to come through. I'll often laugh as I get messages and then later find out what in the world they mean. Keep a journal and write down things that come to you. You'll probably be able to look back and see how accurate the seemingly insignificant information is as time passes. Finally, read books about intuition development and shadow work. The book called 'The Shadow Effect' by Deepak Chopra, Debbie Ford and Marianne Williamson is an easy read that will help you heal. 
Know that House of Intuition offers readings just to connect you to the wisdom of your soul as you are learning to do so. Readings are available over the phone or in person and are a good resource when you feel lost. Our readers will always recommend ways for you to work on getting this information to yourself because first and foremost, House of Intuition is about empowerment. 

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