Spirit Can Help You Overcome Fear

Have you experienced fear that has kept you from asking someone on a date, requesting a raise or pursuing a career you always dreamed of? Did you know the other side can help you overcome that fear? If you are trying to muster the courage to change a big part of your life or even to have an important conversation with someone, all you have to do is ask for assistance. You can ask for the energy to feel strong and heart centered and you can ask that you be guided and supported. But where is this energy coming from? It's not one location. If you think about the world, there are many countries and billions of people. On the other side, we often think there is just one guardian angel or spirit guide helping us but this is not the case. Non physical beings are not bound by time and space nor a physical body and they can be there to support you energetically right away. If you meditate regularly with the intention to connect to your guides, you can develop a working relationship with them. 
My advice is to ask that you only be shown the highest possible guide so that you work with guides that are truly looking out for the highest possible good of all. If you get a feel in meditation that there are less than pure intentions, you do not have to work with that guide. Think about it like this. We choose our friends wisely in the physical world and choose not to hang out with certain people if they are a drag or negative influence on us. When making friends or allies in the non-physical, it can be the same. We don't want to make friends with the dropouts who show no respect to themselves or their teachers and we do want to make friends with those who show integrity and agape (love for everyone). Ask that your guides, just like your earthly friends, be unconditionally loving and pure. 
I have noticed that when you start to communicate with a high vibrational energy, your body will heat up. It's not just me either. I've spoken to many healers that experience this same phenomena all the time. You may feel tingling or even a strong energy in your third eye and crown chakra when they are going to communicate with you. Now here is my practical advise about this subject. Read all you can so that you don't delude yourself thinking you're receiving messages. It can be hard at first to see what is your imagination and what is your spirit guide. It can take a lifetime to decipher the difference. The more you practice, the more you will get to know the difference. It's never going to be black and white unless you receive facts which does happen sometimes. Even when I've received facts like dates and names, I still realize I have a choice of whether to take their advice though. 
Some books you can read to better understand communicating with the other side are Mediumship Mastery by Stephen Hermann and Angel Medicine by Doreen Virtue. Doreen is connected to the angelic realm and receives direct communication from them. The messages are never going to ask you to do anything that will harm anyone. Usually you will get ideas and loving feelings. Sometimes you will meet helpful people or find a new perspective from their guidance. Mediumship Mastery helps you understand the different layers of the other side that you can communicate with and how to develop communication with those layers. The more understanding you have the better. Always trust your own gut about the information you receive. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. 
Here is an affirmation you can use to ask for help in overcoming fear. "Thank you for helping me feel confident and make all my decisions from my soul." We often can look at how our environment is affecting us and making us fearful to overcome fear as well. You can ask your spirit guide to help you see what is affecting you clearly with this affirmation, "Thank you for helping me see what is influencing my thoughts clearly and for keeping my intentions pure." You can say what you need help with out loud to the angels (I do it all the time) and you can use angel cards or a deck that resonates with you to help you overcome fear as well! We have many decks available for you on our website. Also, many of our healers offer in person classes which can help you connect to your guides and learn how to practice. To see our full list of classes, click here. For those who can't join us in person, our online classes can help you learn how to connect to angels and the other realms. You can even try for FREE for a day or for $1 a day after that. To view our online class portal which has it's own app, click here.

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