New Moon in Cancer June 23: Emotional Stability

This is a positive lunation bringing new ideas and opportunities to partner with others. It's as if we are able to see clearly now and expand limited perspectives. If you are thinking of making a big change, now is the time to do it! We will easily come up with more ways to progress towards our goals with this energy. The new moon is in the Gemini constellation which makes us communicative and that air sign brings the influx of ideas. The next two weeks have this starting energy for you so take it while it's ripe! You can do a new moon intention meditation with our New Moon in Cancer candle by Mia Astral! 
It's as if our minds can reach into higher planes of consciousness today. We are able to grasp very high ideals which promote goodness and even see how they can be implemented. There's a strong devotional energy behind these ideas as if the spiritual realm is working behind us to see them through in the physical plane. On this new moon, if you can get to a large body of water or soak in an aromatic bath, your intuitive side will be heightened as the cancer moon is in it's own watery sign. We feel things strongly now as both the sun and moon are in this physic sign. Be aware that the Cancerian energy is also the healer energy and we can overdue it when it comes to helping others. Create healthy boundaries and listen to your own needs even when you feel like helping everyone around you.
Energy is not negative or positive and that means with the sun and moon in the 'feelings' sign, if we aren't ready for all this emotional energy, we could experience mood swings. If you are ready for it, you won't get attached to strong emotional states but rather you can direct them into your creative passions instead of petty banter or projections that other people are causing your emotions. Remind yourself that other people are not causing you to feel anything because no one can make you feel anything without your permission. Finally, it is wise to note that most people do not understand the effects of the moons or follow them. That means if we prepare for other people's emotional swings, we won't be shocked when our friend calls us crying unable to get out of bed or our sibling comes up with some genius idea out of the blue! It's like a predictive power that can help us weather the emotional climate we live within. 
If you're unsure on direction, you can always come in for a reading or call in for one and one of our experienced clairvoyants or tarot readers can help you connect to the path of your soul. Enjoy this New Moon and if you needs ceremony or ritual supplies, visit our website or one of our three locations in Los Angeles. We also have astrology classes on HOI.TV where you can also get your birth chart and understand your soul's destiny. With Love, ~House of Intuition

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