What Do You Do When You're Nervous?

Hey, it's ok. We all get nervous sometimes. When we feel nervous we are caught in a temporary spiral of negative energy where it can feel like the world is crashing down on us without a second chance at redeeming ourselves. However, it's in the world itself that the solution to our nervousness lies. Our 'nerves' are literally having a momentary siege under attack. The nerves have been compromised from a chemical reaction of glands, possibly holding our breath and maybe even a combination of low blood sugar or tiredness. Even a sugar crash can cause anxiety but we don't think that would be the root of our momentary panic. I want to put you at ease first by telling you everyone has it. It's not only you. We all deal with it and once we have tools to be able to recognize and knock it on it's but, it won't overpower you or ruin your day. We often try to run away from our feelings, but where ever we end up, those feelings will still be there. We can't escape them but because they are inside of us, we don't need to go anywhere. We can just create a new state of being within us through things that are simple and free: mindful awareness, stretching, healthy food and water and deep breathing. 
I actually like when I feel off because I know there's going to be a beautiful opportunity to deepen my connection to my true spiritual self in order to escape the temporary madness. It makes me stop and take inventory of my body, mind and soul. I think about what I have eaten that may be making me feel bad. Too much caffeine can cause anxiousness and alcohol is a depressant. Even being dehydrated can significantly alter our mood. Next I think about if I have been triggered by fear from a recent experience. Am I suddenly back in an old way of thinking? A positive affirmation and an act of self love can help remedy this. Also reminding myself that this is a feeling and not reality is a great way to feel stronger right away. I start thinking of all the good things that are to come and suddenly my anxiousness switches to excitement!
That's how I deal with the physical and emotional but the spiritual aspect is where the real blessing lies. Most often when we are experiencing anxiety, it's the old program running our mind. The program that doesn't know the other side exists and forgets that we can ask them for support and guidance. When I remind myself of all the times that spirit has guided me with intuition and things have worked out so magically, it's like getting a hug from the universe. Now I always know that when I feel anxiety, it is a direct text alert from the universe that they are trying to help me, they are trying to make things easier and I'm too busy trying to muscle it out and hustle with my small mind to find solutions. The universe has infinite possibilities waiting for you, all you have to do is get relaxed and start to feel those solutions entering your world, then your whole attitude changes.
While you're processing anxiety, it's really good to use the simple tools that HOI has to calm your nerves. My favorites are essential oils, incense, candles, bath bombs, Epsom salts, bath scrubs and amethyst. Visit our online store or any of our three locations in LA to fill up your tool box. I literally carry cards, crystals and oils with me and it really does work. You can pull a card to connect to your intuitive side and get information from your higher self. Cards can be extremely helpful in getting past fear because it immediately reminds us that the angels and guides are there for us as long as we ask. You can also use our HOI.TV app on your phone for our short episodes that are extremely calming and remind you of your connection to the universe. 
Finally, I must mention that if you feel stuck. Remember that you CAN manifest. There is divinity in each of us and when we use our thoughts like a laser beam to focus on what we need to manifest, there will be an effect. When we line up our manifesting with the moon cycles, it's even more potent. The final ingredient (because we are spirit and matter) is taking action, putting one foot in front of the other and asking for that job or speaking your truth so you can know that you have done everything in your power to make that change happen! You are much more powerful than you realize and when you're having anxiety, you can look at it as a loving reminder from the universe to use that power! Check out my class on HOI.TV on how to make a vision board to start to use that manifesting power. It's a legitimate tool that works for me, my students and friends!

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