5 Reasons To Be Your Own Guru

Photo from Andrea Crowder Fitness.

10 years ago, the world was not flooded with spiritual guru's leading retreats and inviting you to join their online programs. People were learning from books and maybe a local yoga studio. The yoga industry exploded, which is awesome, and certifications for spiritual healing started popping up online and all over. Suddenly, everyone is a guru and most of them are self proclaimed. We are inundated with people offering advice, telling us which chakra is out of whack or what we were in a past life. The truth is, we don't need them for as much as we think if we commit to studying and practicing. Our whole concept of a guru is off. It means you practice your own yoga and meditation and someone can help guide you not do the work for you. Guru is moving from dark to light and someone who has put in the hours of reading and practicing, will obviously know more than you and can hold you accountable. But when it comes to learning, there's no short cut. You must do the internal work and make the changes in your own life without expecting someone to do it for you. Here's why it makes sense to commit to being your own guru. 

1. Your Own Advice is Free

If you clean up your diet and health, your intuition will kick in. If you do daily breathwork and learn how to clear your chakras, you'll be able to notice your own habits and patterns. You don't have to spend a fortune to clear your chakras when you're own lifestyle is strong and you treat yourself like a temple. Sit in meditation morning and night to develop that relationship with your soul and your guides. Don't refute information but don't just take any advice you are given, decide if it's good for you by listening to your body. 

2. You Know Yourself Best

There are many unique paths we can take with our spirituality. We can be a householder and a yoga dabbler. We can be a business owner with a meditation practice or we can follow a lineage and become a healer, angel whisperer or tarot card reader. The list is endless. You will find what works for you when you need it and if someone tells you their teacher is the best, you will know if it resonates with you. Even if your best friend is into something, it might not be what you need. When it comes to solving problems, don't rely on someone else to solve all your problems. Strap on your big girl boots and get real with yourself. Take a good look in the mirror and take responsibility for your life. 

3. You Won't Rely On Someone Else For Confidence

When we follow a guru, there's always the possibility that they fail us. Or they could inflate our self esteem to manipulate us if they are dealing with spiritual ego. Human's are human and they may not always make the best decisions. Have you always made the best decisions? You can follow tried and true practices but don't put your entire existence into someone else because that's not what a true teacher would ask of you anyway. A true teacher helps you get to know yourself and be self reliant so you can help others. 

4. No Life Situation or Person Letting You Down Can Take Your Happiness

If you find the divinity within you then you don't need something outside of yourself to validate your existence or for your creative power. The kingdom of heaven is within you and that means that you can tap into that inner reserve of wisdom with or without having material possessions, affection from many friends or even the approval and affection of a guru. If you seek approval for your spiritual endeavors, you'll be let down but if you do them based on your intuition, you'll find real growth. If you are the source of your strength, you can endure. If you require being in a class to grow, you will wither if the class disappears. 

5. True Self Acceptance Comes From Your Connection To Your Soul


Loving yourself is a challenge when you are taught that your self worth is based on prestige, looks and titles. We must find that ability to manage our thoughts about ourself or we will continue to give away the key to our happiness. If you let people build up your self esteem, they can also break it down. When you do the work to reach your soul and listen to it. You will love yourself. If you live in that reality of your soul's existence, you will take care of yourself. If you are your guru, you cannot be controlled.


Being your own guru is work and still can include taking classes and learning from spirtual teachers, it just means that your greatest teacher is your own soul.

With Love, ~House of Intuition

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