Secret About Conscious Relationships Revealed

There's a higher law of the universe which we weren't taught in school but it's easy to understand. The law of attraction is pretty common knowledge these days. Your vibe attracts experiences and like attracts like. This is also the case in love. When you get and apply this secret that I'm about to spell out for you, your life could change! If you've found yourself in a cycle of failed relationships and can't seem to figure out why, this may finally make things click for you. Your soul wants to make the world a better place and our culture has created a lot of jobs that don't do that. When we get stuck in a job just to make money and not because we have that soul connection we are listening to. The result is that our soul get's put in the corner. The most real part of ourselves ceases to be acknowledged. We become depressed and don't know why. Then we seek a partner or an experience to fill that gap. Many people live out their lives in this cycle. 

Breaking that cycle means forging into the unknown to find a path of service. Your happiness will increase and your vibration will attract a loving partner. When you are actively loving and serving others, you'll attract a nice person. If you feel you're doing your best, you'll attract someone like that. If you are just being apathetic about the problems in the world, contributing nothing to society besides a paycheck to yourself, then you'll meet people who are deeply unsatisfied. This is what leads to codependency, alcohol abuse and affairs. It makes sense though right? You don't have to find exactly what you are supposed to do. You just have to do your best and try. 

My teacher said if you're depressed go work really hard to help people and by the end of the day you'll be so exhausted you'll have forgotten all about your problems.

The secret to love is being a good person and using your life to do that. Start to notice this when you meet happy couples verses couples with tension. Or pay attention to times in your life when you attracted certain people. What was your content level with your job and what was that person's content level? Your commitment to your spiritual self and your ability to be selfless will let love become magical again. When you're connected to your soul and guides amazing things happen. You must not live just hoping that great things happen to you. Take the focus off of yourself and start focusing on helping people. Develop and cultivate empathy and compassion or your partnerships will not be good. 

Have you ever met those spiritual people who talk about themselves incessantly? It seems like they have missed the point right? Spirituality is not a self obsessed thing. It's meant that we put ourselves aside and focus on the big picture. But if all we can do is talk about ourselves and post selfies, guess what, that's the type of self obsessed person we will attract. If we want someone to be considerate, we have to be considerate. Most people live with inverted thinking. They hope good things happen to them and are pulling energy from people instead of giving it. We need to shift our intention to elevate people and uplift people instead of living self consciously. 

It's not about your hairstyle, your jeans or your perfectly groomed beard. It's your intention and how you take action on what you feel would be a worthwhile life. If we are endlessly helping, serving and not to get recognition or attention but genuinely caring, the other problems that we see when our thoughts are inverted, cease to be a focus. You'll be able to see this in your friend's relationships. I have to mention one more important thing. Once you meet someone, don't lose your goals and focus. If you're helping the world and being a good person, you can't just drop that and suddenly get all obsessed with a relationship. It's very easy to do that over the course of about 6 months because we start getting our fix from our partner instead of our good deeds but this is a recipe for disaster. You must make your mission on the planet number one and not your relationship. Don't let some prince charming step in and sweep you off your feet and forget what made your vibe high in the first place. Be wary of charismatic people that want to change your life. You can prepare yourself by visualizing meeting the coolest person ever and them inviting you to live for free on their private island or in their mansion as long as your there to hang out with them when they want. See yourself being strong and not giving in. Be that powerful person yourself and you won't seek out powerful people for comfort. 

We have the freedom to be very narcissistic with the soup of social media at our fingertips all the time. If you are meeting people that are self obsessed, guess what, you probably are too. A meditation practice can greatly help shift your mind so you can take inventory of your personal intention and hidden agenda. Why would we post so many selfies? Is it that we are not living through our soul but through our ego? Will these selfies ever make us happy? No, only worse. We are at a rare time when we have the opportunity to understand the higher laws of the universe now that information is all out there in the open but most people don't get it and it's easy to follow the masses. What will you choose to do? The easy thing in the moment is to think and act in fear and selfishness. The brave and long-term solution is to listen to your spiritual calling, answer it and start living from your heart, fearlessly loving and not thinking about yourself. Ready, set, GO!

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