Using Tarot Cards To Get Messages From Your Spirit Guides & Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over

Written by Durga M.

I came up with the idea for this class a few years ago when an inspiration hit me! I had set an intention to create a fun class that would give others the tools they need, to easily learn to communicate with their guides and loved ones who have departed.

After over 17 years working as a spiritual medium, I have learned that there is such a strong desire in people to communicate with the folks they have lost. Especially when they are children of deceased parents. I have done sessions for people whom have lost friends, pets, co-workers-you name it! If only they could communicate with them one more time. Even if just to know they are at peace on the spirit side of life. Many people wonder if the person is still with them in spirit or know of the happy and sad things that have transpired since they passed away.

This class is the first step for you to facilitate this experience for yourself! It’s easier than you may think.

What to expect:

We will use a small Tarot spread as a basic tool for this class. This will come in the form of 2 color copies of the spreads we will be using in class. That does not mean we are reading tarot. You do not need to know anything about the Tarot for this class. It is just going to be used as a physical/visual jumping off point.

Why the Tarot? The Tarot is rich in symbolism. A picture is really worth a thousand words. That is why Tarot is so good for readings, even if you just found inspiration from the vivid and colorful images. Colors have meaning, set moods, and help create emotion. Some of the traditional card meanings will help you decipher the topic of discussion or gender of the spirit. We are using the cards to replace the need for you to have your own psychic visions.

Now you can let go of any bad stigma associated with the tarot. The reading is coming from your heart, not the cards. The pictures are just stimulating your intuition. A color copy of the small spread will be provided for you. You do not have to purchase cards. If you feel you want to further your experience and practice, it is something you may want to consider.

I will guide you through a small series of energetic and mental preparation to help you more easily receive messages from spirit. Next, we will explore a few different hands on exercises while practicing some new skills. The messages will come easy for some and others will need to practice a bit. The more you have fun with it, the easier it is. After all, everyone has the gift of intuition. The more you flex that muscle, the easier and clearer it becomes.

You will learn to set up a reading structure that works for you. The technique taught in this class is a technique I have not seen before in my many years of doing and receiving readings. It is also simple and easy to follow. You will also learn the difference between medium readings and spirit guide readings.

What you will need:

Dress comfortably so that you are warm or cool enough. You may want to take notes but it is not necessary because I will be providing a handout that cover all material covered in class. Whether you are just curious or serious about learning to read, this class has a lot to offer you. It is fun and light! I will be there to help guide you through every step of the process.

Who knows, you may just discover your own unique reading talent. This may be just what you need to get started in your own reading practice. Either way, I am excited for the class and can’t wait to see what unfolds. Please join me Sunday, October 1st at The House of Intuition from 6-7 pm. Click here to sign up or call 213-413-8300. Please also let your friends know if you think they may like the class. I will also be offering readings 11-5 that day. You can book a slot in advance. 

I will be looking out for any questions on the Meetup page. See you all soon!







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