5 Steps to Open Your Creative Gifts and Heal the World

Right now more than ever, we need to all activate our creative gifts to heal the world. We need to find our voices, our muses and paint a brighter future for the coming years and the next generations. The world needs you to be passionate about what you do and enjoy it. Remember, our DNA is hardwired to nurture each other and the pleasure centers of the brain fire when we help others.There is a bold artist in you and it's playful. Here is my own personal steps to activating your unique creative gifts and channeling them to help the world!

Also if you feel discontent with your job, not only will this help you create a new vision of possibilities, but when you are passionate about what you're doing and connected to it from your heart, you will attract people in your personal relationships who are also happy about life! Basically this unblocking of creativity can shift many things for you!

1. Start by getting a reading at House of Intuition over the phone or in person with one of our salt of the earth clairvoyants or tarot card readers. They can help you tap into your natural strengths and act as a conduit to spirit for those of us who don't have time to meditate for hours everyday. If you lack ideas or clarity, I found readings with qualified skilled professionals to be invaluable in unlocking my own writing and teaching gifts.

2. Clear your chakras and aura with a big ole' salt bath (drink water so you don't get dehydrated). Hydrate yourself on top of that so your body will begin to harmonize with high frequency energy (singers know you can't sing dehydrated). Use teas that stimulate your third eye vision center like our Wise blend. We are working on a physical level here.

3. Activate your sacral chakra with spine moving yoga poses (spinal flex, sufi grind, cat cow and twists), a whole foods plant based diet and orange crystals like citrine, tiger's eye, orange calcite, sun stone, carnelian or amber. You also need to activate your crown chakra to get guidance on how to use your gifts to use the world. In order to do this, do inversions like headstand or standing forward fold. You can also do breath of fire for three minutes which activates your crown chakra as well. I personally practice kundalini yoga daily because the breathework and mantra charges the nervous system to be able to hold more creative energy! (Check out Aimee's Monday Night Class). 

4. Now it's time to sit down with your journal and direct your intention. What do you want to heal in this world? What creative gifts do you want to use? What education do you need to implement them? Be as specific as possible and then go sign up for a class, get your instrument or buy a book to put the ball in motion. Maybe this means you start public speaking, writing a book or a new certification. 

5. Now move into trust. You will be supported when your intention is pure and you listen to your heart about using your spiritual gifts to heal the world. Imagine a bubble around you where doubts can't enter. Don't hold onto the expectation of the outcome too tightly to leave room for the universe to improvise solutions for you! 


We would love to hear how this changes things for you. We all have natural gifts and if you're unclear on yours, you may want to attend my Discover Your Life Purpose Class December 8th or December 15th at 7pm which helps distill your natural strengths and give you a plan of action to use them. 


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