"Vargas and Naranjo, a couple in their forties whose voices sound remarkably similar, believe that within HOI’s walls resides a spiritual “entity” that they have no power over. “We are its gatekeepers,” Vargas says. Accordingly that’s the job title given to the stores’ staff, who wear black aprons emblazoned with the business’s tribalistic logo. The gatekeepers sell more than witchy bling and outré conversation pieces. HOI also hosts 65 workshops a month and offers individual consultations with 13 healers and readers. The sessions revolve around tarot card divination, meditation, astrology, and past-life regression, to name a few psychic disciplines. Some of the encounters occur at two other spaces HOI rents—in what they call the Temple of Intuition, down on Sunset Boulevard inside Botanica El Indio’s old space, and in the Temple of Waterloo, a one-bedroom apartment tucked within a tidy 1950s complex behind the store." 

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