A Channeled Message From The Angels

We are here. We do not speak. We show you the way. What we want is for you to understand that the struggles you are currently going through are yours to go through. We can only help if you ask us.

Where there is growth there is comfort. We are a psychic band aid. We are a warm cozy blanket for you. We are the loving encouragement you need through dark times.

The ancient wisdom of people that cared for the Earth is coming back. Please listen as you think of the foundation for the future.

What do you want to build? What is it that needs built in this world? These are important questions for right now.

We need you to love one another. The fighting only makes it harder to build. Find reason in your truth. Find the reason in others’ truths. By understanding, unity towards one main vision can begin to manifest. Harmony is what we can help bring in these situations.

Joy at home is important now. Us angels are protecting your home environment and helping heal it. The purge and renewed energy on the bigger scheme starts with the self and the home. From there, it pours outwards. Ask us to help aid in this process as you do your part.

Clairvoyance will develop more and more at this time to the end of the year. We await you. We are here. We love you.

The Angel Oracle Card I drew from my Angel Blessings deck by Kimberly Marooney is Raziel – the Archangel of knowledge, deep wisdom, and the overseer of the Akashic Records. Intuitively I feel for all of us, a lot of deep lessons are settling in. It’s important to find the silver lining of the knowledge gained through these lessons so we do not end up repeating them. Raziel is helping bring reflective clarity to what we have learned and a maturity to grow spiritually by releasing what we need to release and helping us to be more mindful as we move forward. Now is also a great time to study any interest or skill you have, as Raziel will help it to really sink in and better serve you for the future.

The next angel class I will be teaching is “Manifesting with the Angels” at the Echo Park location at House of Intuition on Saturday December 3rd from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm. If interested please read more and reserve your spot at: https://www.meetup.com/templeofintuition/events/235432201/.


Thank you so much everyone! Many blessings,

Kristin Mothersbaugh

Intuitive Reader, Healer and Teacher at House of Intuition

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