A New Cycle of Awakening: In Depth Astrology For The Week

Prepare to be reborn as the sun has entered into the evolved consciousness of Sagittarius, ushering in waves of higher frequency thought forms to finally emerge from the darkness of 2016, ready to make our dreams a reality with the mathematical artistry of the universe conspiring to orchestrate our success for the rest of the year and into 2017. Sagittarius delivers words from an enlightened place and has no shortage of them (hence the previous run-on sentence). Breaking societal norms in positive ways and evolving is the theme this month!


On Tuesday, we have a new moon with a lot of heat in it! Relationships are in focus. Read this carefully. On Tuesday, your intuition will likely be clouded AND your will power may be at an all time low. Knowing this, stay inside and do something that makes you laugh so you don’t get too serious or caught in a tailspin. This is happening because imaginative Neptune is squaring the moon and sun. Do not despair magical ones! Juno, the planet of soulmates is affecting you now! The theme of engagements, marriage and moving in colors the next few weeks because this asteroid is so close to the new moon. Stay in meditation if you’re in committed relationships as there is a bit of a turning point brewing and you can ease the pressure of the planetary aspects by overriding fear based habitual thinking. Remember energy needs direction!


If suspicions or power struggles surface, take a deep breath and see your partner as a human dealing with the temporal nature of the emotional tides we are all affected by. Don’t make any rash decisions. Then there is the exciting ripe time on Tuesday to plant your seeds of intention (I’ll be offering a Manifesting w/ The Moon Cycles & Vision Boarding Class Tuesday 12-1:30 or awaken with Tanya's Women's Moon Lodge at 6:45 PM the same day at our Echo Park Location)! The new moon is in Sagittarius, the adventurous, evolved healer. This ushers in an expanded and positive perspective on our lives and goals. No more of the deep brooding Scorpio energy of last month, we are on to brighter horizons! It’s easier to open your heart now dear wizards! This year has been challenging and we are now reborn with this new moon, prepare to feel awakened!


I also have an Astrology for The Modern Human Class this Thursday at 7pm! Come learn the useful applications of astrology that will help you navigate your job, home and love life! One of my biggest passions is empowering people in a big picture way to understand their natural skills and strengths (determined by the exact time and location of birth) that will catapult you into success and happiness! 

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