A Different Type of Love Spell You Can Do On Valentine’s Day!

When I think of love spells, I think of the kind seen in movies and television: A desperate tween casts a spell in her room and poof, it works—until, plot twist, it wasn’t the person she intended on loving her that’s now obsessed—or, the original target of affection gets too obsessed to the point where it becomes scary and puts her in danger. This lesson should speak volumes, but you’d be surprised by how many people refuse to learn from it: Love spells should never be done out of desperation or in serious emotional trauma, because they will backfire.

It’s also important to look to the root of a love spell by asking yourself, “Am I really trying to attract a partner—or, am I actually needing to attract love to my own self?” Chances are, it’s the latter. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a stressful, sad, or hopeless day for singles—so reclaim all of those negative vibes you may feel (thank you, society!) and indulge in your own love spell today with the ultimate self-care spell. But don’t fret, this spell isn’t just for singles—it’s for everyone! There’s no relationship status needed to take better care of your mind, body, and spirit—and if you are in a relationship, you can even feel free to do the following spell with your partner by your side (or, in your tub).

Here’s what you need:

1 tub or shower

1 pink candle (or any color candle you have available)

1 rose quartz (or any stone you feel comfortable with)

1-5 of your favorite bath products!



In my opinion, taking ritual baths are fun because there’s really no wrong way of doing them—and if you’re reading anything else out there that says differently, don’t be discouraged by that! As long as your intention is clear, you’re good. And if you don’t have a bath tub, you can just strip down (no pun intended) this spell to make it more accessible for you to enjoy in your shower—again, there’s no “wrong” way of doing anything!

First, start by placing pieces of rose quartz and any other crystals you feel connected to today in or around your bathtub (or shower)—since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’m going the cheesy route and only using rose quartz for mine, but allow your intuition to guide you to the stones you need the most today. Next, set the mood by lighting pink candles—I’ve chosen a standard pink altar candle that I dressed in some essential oils and herbs during Samhain, but I also grabbed the House of Intuition New Moon in Aquarius candle since the New Moon is happening tomorrow and it’s always great to tap into that energy a day beforehand! It’s especially important to note that New Moon's are all about planting seeds and inviting newness into your life, so keep that in mind when you’re lighting your candles. You can begin lighting your candles with a mantra, “With this candle, I ignite my intention to ____” or whatever feels most natural to you to say.



Now it’s time to decorate your bath water with products riddled with good intentions! Please note that you can, of course, use whatever you have available—these are just some of our humble suggestions: First, scoop 2-3 tablespoons of Fat and the Moon’s Self Care Bath Soak into water, which is infused with clary sage and lavender (aka great for opening up), as well as rhassoul clay and honey powder for light exfoliation. Next, tap some of Terra Luna Beauty’s Moon Detox Bath into water—this will create a luxurious and extremely moisturizing milk bath thanks to its formulation of dehydrated coconut, Cambrian blue clay for detoxing, Dead Sea salts for relaxing, and lavender and eucalyptus essential oils for cleansing negative thoughts from your mind. Lastly, we recommend topping off your bath with a sprinkle of The Fifth Veda’s 4 Heart Bath Salt since it directly supports the Heart Chakra—the center of love, compassion, and connection—so it can help mend a broken heart with its combination of various salts and notes of rose and bergamot.


When you’re in the bath, carefully submerge some of your rose quartz or other crystals in the water alongside you. Take a moment to breathe, recenter yourself, and hold them close to your body. Think about what self-love means to you, how you can improve your self-care ritual, and imagine the bath water as a pool of love you just stepped into and soak it all in. Feel free to play some of your favorite music (however no sad love songs are allowed!), dim the lights, and have a glass of wine (or in my case, a can of La Croix)—anything that will make you feel like the goddess/god you are! This bath is all about you—and if you’re sharing it with your partner, take a moment to connect and reflect on your own self-care and self-love rituals together.


After you’re finished bathing (or showering!), I like to anoint myself with oil, so reach for the Under Aurora Palo Santo Botanical Perfume Oil—which is blended with palo santo, black spruce, and patchouli in a jojoba oil base—and roll it over your pulse points for ultimate protection. And last but certainly not least, we love Aquarian Soul so much that we collaborated with brand creator Ally Sands on our Happy Birthday Aquarius Box (which sold out!) and candle (which is still available!)—but we also love applying the Aquarian Soul Rose Quartz Body Oil post-shower since it’s made with the healing energies of rose quartz, which float around the bottom of the bottle, as well as geranium rose, which promotes wellness, to keep skin moisturized and healthy long after your bath is over with.



Just to repeat myself for a the millionth time: There is no wrong way to perform this love spell today! The real key is setting time aside for yourself and taking a moment to invite love into your own being. We spend so much of our time hating parts of ourselves (inside and out), or putting others before our own needs and never spending adequate time connecting to our own temples. Regardless of relationship status, use Valentine’s Day (or any day) as the ultimate self-love beauty ritual for yourself by banishing all toxic and negative vibes from your auric field.

Happy V-Day, we love you all!

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