As we prepare for next Wednesday’s Full Moon in Leo—which is all about building up courage and facing our fears—we’ve handpicked three stones that promote letting go and healing for you to reach for during this lunar event, or anytime you need to call upon your crystal allies.

We’ve chosen Amethyst, Fluorite, and Black Obsidian—so regardless of how well-versed you may or may not be with crystals, consider this a crash course in how these beautiful stones can help release negativity in all areas of your life.

First, let’s start with the stone everyone is likely the most familiar with: Amethyst.

Often nicknamed the “sobriety stone” since it’s known to help aid in the release of drug and alcohol additions, Amethyst also helps clear any emotional, physical, or mental bad habits we carry with us in regards to career, relationships, or anything deeply-rooted within ourselves, ancestral or otherwise.

Amethyst cluster

This purple-hued mineral can soothe it all by balancing and clearing your Crown Chakra, as well as the sacred space in which you place it near—like your nightstand, desk, or bathtub. If you’re ready to let go of any negative patterns, outdated ways of thinking, or unfavorable usage of your fullest potential, consider Amethyst your new, negative-vibe crime-fighting best friend. It’s most common to see Amethyst in its raw form, but it also comes shaped as Hearts, Angels, Ovals, Pendants, Spheres, and even as a Lotus Lamp for major interior energy clearing. All you have to do is intuitively gravitate towards the one that speaks to you the most, hold it close, set your intention, and soak up the purple rays of light.

Next up is Fluorite.

Fluorite ranges in color between a trio of green-ish, blue-ish, and purple-ish shades—consider it the tie-dye T-shirt of stones. Fluorite is especially powerful because it works like a vacuum that sucks out all the negativity we carry in and around ourselves—including negative energy from others that latches onto our auric field—by ushering in clear, light-filled energy in its place.


Since Fluorite is a stone for the Third Eye, it’s wise to keep some near you while meditating, practicing yoga, studying tarot or astrology, or during any creative or relaxing hobby, since it stimulates psychic energy and radiates tranquility. Some of the most common forms it comes as are Tumbles, Palm Stones, and Points—but you can even pick one up as a Bracelet to wear for 24/7 protection.

Last but certainly not least is the beloved Black Obsidian.

A grounding stone that, similar to snakeskin, allows you to shed what no longer serves you. If your past is haunting or controlling you, reach for this shiny, onyx crystal and allow it to help you release anything that “was” and instead begin focusing on what “is”. Controlled by the Root Chakra, Black Obsidian is all about grounding—it can even help increase self-control, so reach for it when you’re feeling like you need an extra layer or shield of protection around you.

Black Obsidian palm stones

One of the coolest things about Black Obsidian is that it’s actually one of many different types umbrellaed under the Obsidian family, which means you can also pick up its sister stones like Green Obsidian (for rediscovery of self), Strawberry Obsidian (for anti-anxiety), Yellow Obsidian (for boosting self-esteem), and Rainbow Obsidian (for guidance), to name a few.

Now that you’re an expert in the aforementioned three healing stones,

we’ve whipped up an exclusive Full Moon in Leo Healing Ritual for you to perform using these crystals.


1 candle

1 Amethyst

1 Fluorite

1 Black Obsidian


On the night of the Full Moon in Leo, place your candle in the middle of your desired surface (if you have an altar, place it wherever you feel most comfortable).

Meditate on what this lunar cycle is bringing into and/or shedding away from your life.

Full Moon in Leo Candle

Pick up your piece of Amethyst, hold it, and think of the area in your life that you need the most protection in right now—then place your Amethyst towards the left of your candle.

Next, reach for your piece of Fluorite, hold it, and think of the area in your life that you need the most cleansing and clearing in right now—then place your Fluorite towards the right of your candle.

Repeat with your piece of Black Obsidian, hold it, and think of the area in your life that you need the most grounding in right now—then place your Black Obsidian in front of your candle.

Light your candle and allow the Full Moon’s energy to charge your crystals for the next few days or until your candle is done burning.

When you’re ready (and believe us, you’ll know when you are), reach for your super-charged crystals and wear them, carry them, or place them on sacred surfaces when you feel you’re ready to let go and start healing in the areas of your life you meditated on during the Full Moon.

If this inspires you to continue performing lunar rituals, be sure to check out our monthly Moon Box Subscription.


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