A New Moon With A Ton Of Potential

April 26th is a new moon in Taurus. There is some extra magic with this new moon based on the other planetary aspects. You can expect some twists in your favor that come from a vision you have been mulling about in your mind's eye. The imagination is stimulated although this new moon is in a more grounded earth sign. Taurus is all about the finer things in life and now you may be realizing some changes you'd like to make in your physical environment. This is the perfect time to buy a book that will help you work on your self esteem and create self sufficiency in your life through your new found tool of self confidence. Taurus also rules the throat, neck, thyroid gland and vocal tract which means anything you're not speaking up about can come out now. It's common to feel things in your body in the area the moon is in as well. Have you noticed people with sore throats or skin reactions around that area in the past few days? Energy is quite powerful but you do not need to be afraid of getting sick of course!

Taurus helps you begin long term projects that will help you financially. And the new moon is the perfect time to start something. Chances are you already have something in your consciousness that you want to pursue. Also, the thing you start now will likely stick with you for a long time so it should bring you joy. The key word with this new moon is stabilize. There has been a lot of 'feeling lost' energy with all the retrogrades happening and this new moon is going to be your anchor out of that confusion. Thank goodness!

Taurus is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. This is a ripe time for relationships to bud as well as projects in the arts or creative spectrum! If we go deeper into the archetypal meaning of this new moon it's about maturation from the virgin to the mother archetype. The mother is fertile and can birth things instead of the virgin who is naive and targeted. The security of being responsible is now available for your consciousness and your psyche will be able to think in more practical terms about how to navigate your own personal goals.

Finally, you have the opportunity to work through some fear or guilt with this new moon. The alignment of the stars helps you see your own darkside. In practical terms, notice who you have been speaking negatively about in the last couple of weeks. What do these people reflect in you? Everything in our reality mirrors a part of us. Then look at that characteristic that bothers you and find the positive expression of it. For instance, self centeredness could be expressed in you positively as a little bit of indulgence to generate that blissful childlike wonder for the world that will generate the positive energy you need to attract things! This shadow work is very powerful and helpful. Talking negatively about others is a futile use of energy and those 'people' will not leave our consciousness until we find the hidden energy within that mirror. This is magic! If you'd like to learn more about shadow work, read a book called 'Working With Your Shadow' by Lazaris.

At House of Intuition, we have a new moon sound healing session with Christine at 7pm at our Echo Park location that can help you clear out stale energy or you may want to check out our special new moon intention setting candle also available online! One last thought for you is to look for where you are seeking happiness outside of yourself and generate that happiness from within. What momentum can you create in your own life so that you do not rely on other people's energy to keep yourself happy? Get clear with your intention (why you want to start something in the first place) and that purity of heart will drive you forward and remove unhealthy attachments! 

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