How Cleansing Can Help You In Your Day To Day Life

Our ghosts are not very understood. They are memories stored in our cellular memory and in our subtle energetic body. Growing up with no understanding of this I'm so excited to share how cleansing tools have helped me in my daily life. Here are some common experiences we all deal with that you can use cleansing tools for. First of all, something close to our heart, our relationships. When our fears spiral, we can easily sabotage our relationships. This is an unconscious pattern that can repeatedly end our relationships, stalling our own personal development and putting us through unnecessary ice cream and chocolate binges, hey we've all been there.

Our perspectives of our relationships are seen through the lens of past experiences that have not been cleared. How do we clear these though? We can search in the recesses of our minds for anything that still has a charge. Where is there still resentment, anger or victim mentality? There is still a lesson there for us, something we have to come to peace with about how we attracted that relationship and needed it to learn something. Once you glean the lesson, it will start to clear. Depending on how long you've been expecting that same scenario to play out again, it might take some time to cleanse your emotional body and neural patterns from this experience. We bring out the big guns for this. We do breath work everyday for daily maintenance. We cleanse our room with sage, selenite, incense and wear stones that keep us positive (amethyst) and self loving (rose quartz). We use affirmations to create new thought patterns in our psyche of a story we actually want to believe. That means if people haven't treated us well in the past, we cleanse that record on repeat by saying 'people treat me really well.' In meditation we even visualize a healthy relationship where this is the case. This has helped me immensely!

Many ghosts in our relationships come from the way our parents built up our self esteem growing up. The way we try to attract people is based on how we saw other people do it. This might mean that we are believing a story that media has told us about how our external appearance needs to be in order to attract other people. Those habitual thoughts have been deeply ingrained since we started to fit our identities into those old Disney princes or prince templates right? When it comes to our relationships, we need to look at what type of person we are in action not in appearance. Cleansing this environmental influence takes daily work. Noticing the thoughts, taking salt baths to clear our energy field, asking our guides for assistance in releasing those thoughts and even getting reiki can help too! A reiki practitioner will often pick up on self esteem issues and help you clear them.

Next is the ghosts of our past that come from our relationship to money and work. Our ancestral heritage affects this, our beliefs around money and the way we have been treated affects our self esteem. If we saw people who felt entitled, we will often lack patience in developing our skills and resent hard work. If we saw people lacking confidence in their own ability to learn new skills, we will not see our own potential. In order to cleanse these unhelpful negative entities, we can work with a healer to debunk them. Often a clairvoyant is good at picking up on the unhelpful patterns of though that are holding you back or keeping you in a job that you're not content in. A clairvoyant acts as a mirror for you to cleanse your ghosts. They won't always give you information that makes you feel super comfortable because they help you confront those negative entities so you can be aware of them and then using your intention and tools, remove them. 

Calming music and candles can keep our mind from becoming negative, aggressive or fear based. Living a prayerful life and surrounding ourselves with spiritual teachers and social engagements can help banish fear based thought patterns. Being around people who have been working on this a long time and speak the language about how to get through it is invaluable. Our online classes on www.HOI.TV and our in person classes in Echo Park are a great space for you to banish negative entities. We have all the tools on our online store too! These tools and types of activities helped me create jobs I love and lasting relationships. I am so beyond excited to share this perspective and information with you! 


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