How To Navigate Pluto Retrograde: Spotlight on Power & Control

Today Pluto stations to start it's retrograde tomorrow. It will be retrograde for a few months until September 28, 2017. Whatever has control over you or whatever you have been controlling will be brought to light. If you are addicted to someone or something, you can expect to go through a detox and if someone has been using you, that will be brought to light. Pluto is not as an intense of a retrograde as the planets that are the closest to us however it will bring up our own insecurities about expressing our own power. Look for the pattern in how you stop yourself from using your power, the pattern can be more easily seen now. 

The big theme here is letting go. What have you been holding onto so much that it's unhealthy? Have you been eating bad foods or watching negative media? It's time to purge. It's also time to look at why you might be afraid to use your power. For women, maybe you haven't had an opportunity in this lifetime or seen women exercise their power. For men, have you been giving away your power to outside forces? The desire for sovereignty over your time, resources and mind may propel you towards life changes in relationships and work.

Think of this retrograde as a time when you can expect some curve balls to come up but you will be prepared to deal with them. Initially, you may feel like giving up on your project because you're afraid of using your authority however, this psychic block is the first roadblock. You'll need to look deep within in meditation to see where your feelings are coming from and debunk them. With all the 'starting new things' energy this year, this retrograde period can be make or break for you. 

It's so important to keep ourselves and our friends aware of this subtle auspicious phase so that we don't let go of what we have been creating. When you feel attacked with anxiety, know that it's not coming from anything in your life currently but from cosmic forces bringing up the past. It's exacerbated because Mercury is still retrograde so things can feel like they are stalling but PERSEVERE! 

(Art: Titled: Addiction by Khairzul MG)



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