Angelite & a Dash of Its Many Wonders

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Angelite is a powerful stone; so powerful in fact, that it is touted as the most healing of all stones by some practitioners. Its sky blue color exudes a pleasing gentleness that works right away to soothe and calm the user. High Vibrational Beings, Source energies, Light Beings, and especially Angels are what inspired the name for this stone due to the strong celestial energies held within. This energy also brings about healing on the mental and spiritual planes as well.

Here is some reasons why you might want to use Angelite:

- Angelite helps to deliver light through the entire energetic field from the Crown Chakra down physically and sets the Merkabah to activate. This energetic shift is what is often seen and felt when working with this marvel of nature like an unlocking within and inviting light into the self  so that we can embody compassionate energy. This energetic shift is what is often seen and felt when working with this marvel of nature; a clicking like an unlocking within and comforting light inducing energy entering the self forgiveness so that we can embody compassion. This stone’s effect on your energy can especially be felt when deep in meditation with one Angelite on your person. It also has a relaxing  effect on the body when sleeping with one under your pillow. 

- Angelite also calls in emotional support and balances all of our Chakras and our Merkabah. This assists us in opening up the energetic blockages around your Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra and Throat Chakra so that you may see, walk, and speak your truth.

- In some circles, Angelite is recommended to help purge and detoxify energetically. 


Here are some ways to incorporate Angelite’s usage in your life:

- Keep a piece of Angelite in your workspace to call in high vibrational energy and positive communication.

- Place Angelite on your altar as a way to honor your spirit family and reach out to your angels, guardians, warriors, and other helpful energies for communication. This also works especially well with calling in Ancestors.

- Meditate with this stone to call in connection to your higher self, to open up your higher chakras.

- Work with Angelite when you need more energy and clarity, or when you feel low, it will soothe and uplift you.

- Using Angelite in ritual helps call in connection to higher power and helps cleanse.

- Keep a tumbled Angelite close to you to soothe a broken heart or after an emotional loss as it will help you find a way back to your light.

- This energy when kept on the person during a banishment ritual will provide amplified light to see your way through the darkness and helps to bring you back to your light after deep shadow work. 

 Angelite is very powerful and can be used in a number of magical ways! The communicative energies that this stone helps to amplify within you is nothing short of energetically magical! Angelite provides a loving and supportive energy; even as a Healer this is a stone that I work with 6 out of 7 days a week. This stone is wonderful, and this is a stone that I adore as it’s constantly giving off loving energies!  

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