May 2020 Astrological Forecast


Exercise your crown chakra and learn to trust your intuition more by testing your hunches. Pay attention to that gut-feeling at the initial start of any particular situation. Note your thoughts of what you think might happen in the future, write down your prediction, check them later. You might surprise yourself! This will build a strong core of Self and true compass within.


In May, we begin the inward journey of knowing who we truly are in the areas of personal philosophy, love and finances. We’ll also spend the next few months reviewing how much freedom we’ve given ourselves within any systems or structures we’ve subscribed to. This is a time when some of us are creating opportunities to work more independently, which will have a big effect on our financial system and workers’ rights and benefits, as well as having a big focus on our treatment of the environment. A big question this month is, have we been living with integrity with respect to our callings. If not, the next few months becomes a portal for readjusting and planning how to make moves once the planets go direct again in the Fall. Since May is a month for planting seeds for manifestation, we’ll see the first rumblings of what needs our attention.

With Venus beginning her retrograde transit on May 13th until June 25th, reflecting on ways we communicate in our relationships, how we’ve connected with people we’ve loved in the past and what we’ve thought and said to ourselves about our self-value is possible and empowering. Expect relationships from the past to return for closure, clarity and possible reunions. Be cautious and observant and acknowledge how much you’ve grown. Exploring the true value of money, the treatment of women, and ways to integrate feminine energy such as emotional expression, powerful intuition, and the safety and care of all beings is highly recommended. You can consider subtle and most likely unconscious ways you (and the collective “we”) have supported beliefs or behavior that continue to degrade or suppress women or our feminine qualities. How has physical “beauty” been the determiner for what is “beautiful”? How have we let the pursuit of material wealth take the place of valuing our creativity and self-expression? What kind of communication do we value in our relationships and how can we get better at it? We’ll have opportunities to get curious and reflect on how we want to upgrade our programming when it comes to love, relationships, money and self-worth for several weeks.

Over the next 18 months, we’ll learn the value and importance of truth by first defining what we consider to be factual. Collectively, we want to be on the same page and while we respect each others’ viewpoints, we want the facts. We can expect a big focus on teaching and learning from each other and new ways to use the internet for innovative mass communication, and with this shift, we see that everyone is valuable and has something to share. Interpersonally, we’ll benefit from becoming good active listeners and communicators within our relationships in all areas of our lives. 

Around the full moon in Scorpio on the 7th, we’re doing deep cleaning in areas of our lives that have to do with intimacy, secrecy and shadow. We want to empower ourselves to know the truth of who we are at our cores and will not be pleased with anything at a surface level, and for the next few months, we’ll continue expanding in a transformative and spiritual way. Like a breath of fresh air, the Gemini new moon on May 22nd inspires us to pursue whatever it is that lights us up. With Venus in retrograde, we can reflect on what has blocked us in the past from enjoying the lightness of life. What have we not felt empowered enough to say, share or do to draw to us greater and deeper experiences of joy, love and opportunities? This moon’s energy opens us up to play, flirtation, and communicating what we love and what we need. 


Green jade: Helps to release self-imposed limitations and draws in abundance

Chrysoprase: A stone that promotes inner peace and helps with releasing past grief and trauma

Citrine: Energizes clarity and ambition when finding one’s true purpose and unique path

*Intuition tips, astrological advice and crystal information were taken from House of Intuition's 2020 Calendar.

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