Divine Sexual Energy: Why Use It!?

We all contain within us both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies. We all contain this powerful force within our bodies, regardless of gender. These energies help us to nurture ourselves, to be compassionate with ourselves, and to raise boundaries with others and within ourselves.

Divine Sexual Energy can harness your self awareness and your access to Source, Spiritual Energy, and Light to heal. This energy can be channeled through a number of ways, as this energy is embodied in different energy based practices and go by names such as Kundalini, Chi, Prana, Source Energy, Life Force Energy. All of these can be accessed with Divine Sexual Energy. This is why keeping yourself spiritually clean can be a challenge, as many of us pick up stray energies from people around us and even from our partners. Energy is exchanged in many acts, sex being one of them. Some tips any practitioner should use would be to be aware of your partner’s energy, protect your energy, and to cut and clear cords regularly as a part of your spiritual hygiene. 

By learning how to embody your own sexuality, you then learn to connect your sexuality to your Divine Sexual Energy for healing, growth and transformation using the most powerful force for manifestation: the power of the orgasms. Orgasms are thought to embody pure lifeforce and creation energy. Embodying your own sexuality and stepping deeper into your sensual side can also help you to reconnect to your physical body, strengthening it in the process. This energy can, when learned and practiced, help you raise up your sexual energy into your upper Chakras for manifestation, healing, and spiritual growth.  

A common misconception about Divine Sexual Energy is the thought that it requires another person or the act of explicit sexual interaction.  However, with the right knowledge, you can do this without having to touch yourself or be touched. This is the importance of why comforting yourself and healing any sexual hangups will also help you to step into your divine flow, and brings your natural confidence. Sexuality is a gift when you can use it in healthy ways with consensual practices with many physical and spiritual benefits. 

 Here are some daily ways to work on your sexuality hang ups;

  • Visualize bright warm orange and reds flowing around you as those colors are associated with feelings of wholeness and happiness
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror to release any shame associated with the body
  • Gently acclimate yourself to sensual touch by running your fingertips across your forearms and the energy meridians there
  • Think about what empowers you when you feel stimulated
  • Visualize yourself comfortable in your own skin
  • Burn Vanilla, Sandalwood, or Rose while relaxing as it is thought to help stimulate feelings of arousal 
  • Burn a pink or red candle, or any love candles like the House of Intuition’s Love Come to Me Magic Candle, Love Struck Magic Candle, or Self Love Magic Candle 
  • Put on an outfit that makes you feel empowered

If you want to learn more on this topic and to connect to your own Divine Sexual Energy and to embody this power, tune in to our class on Thursday 4/30/2020 12:00PM PST.  Follow this link to sign up (Click Me for More Class Info)

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