April 2020 Astrological Forecast


To balance cognitive mind and open intuition, try dancing, walking or any physical hobby or errand where putting your body in repeated movements encourages your connection to the MOMENT.  It is where intuition is allowed to thrive and lead you.  


We still have energy coming in from last month's New Moon in Aries that drives us forward to bring the material success we desire.  However, be mindful of greediness or overly ambitious feelings that may get in the way of what's truly gratifying to the soul.

The Full Moon in Libra on April 7th reveals imbalances in relationships that were brought to light since the Libra New Moon in September 2019.  Since the new year, we've had a tremendous amount of movement with Saturn in Aquarius, you're beginning to feel the inkings of how important it is to be truly yourself on order to better serve the collective.  Relationships and unfair situations that stifle our ability to be successful as individuals will be dropped now.

The New Moon in Taurus on April 22nd is the moon to manifest the fruitful changes we would like to see come to life.  We're looking for lasting change rather than simple material goods or wealth.  We want to be enriched as opposed to being rich.  

Pluto goes retrograde which begins the planetary retrograde season of the year.  This is a time for deep reflection about the ways we use and abuse our personal power in our lives, and collectively within our communities.


Aventurine: Serene stone that amplifies luck, joy and balances things in your favor. 

Pyrite: Grounding stone that boosts energy and supports powerful decision-making.

Obsidian: Supports in releasing toxic patterns and negative energy during Pluto retrograde.

*Intuition tips, astrological advice and crystal information were taken from House of Intuition's 2020 Calendar.

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