Simple Healing Techniques That Are Free

Emotions are a big part of our lives. The ability to generate positive emotions is a skill that many people seek to learn. This skill alters our energy field so we can attract new types of experiences that enrich our lives. Here are three simple and free ways you can heal and bolster your energy from wherever you are. It doesn't have to be extremely complex, sometimes just deep slow breathing and setting an intention can change the course of your day and open you to a new perspective.

The first healing technique is activating a state of gratitude. Even in tough times, we can find things to be grateful for. Do you have a bed, food, water? Can you walk? Try making a list in your mind of 12 things you are grateful for and your mood will shift. Once you've thought of 12 things. Go over the list again in your head. By the time you've gone through this quick process, you will have shifted you focus from negative to positive. It's incredible how a slight shift in our mind offers a huge shift in how we even feel physically. We will suddenly start to think of possibilities and feel more optimistic, generous and cheerful. 

The second healing technique is to do something kind for someone else. Giving is usually saved for special occasions and limited to the confines of wrapped presents but giving is an extremely healing action. It doesn't have to cost money either. We can send an 'I just want you to know I appreciate you' text, we can give a hug, we can give some time to listen or we can give positive energy. This activates a connection between us and the other person that allows both people to feel more positive. Our emotional state shifts and we feel hopeful and purposeful. When we get used to giving as a lifestyle, people enjoy our company and it develops strong bonds that can help you overcome depression. 

If you're feeling down and you don't know why or you feel like things are hard, chances are you are feeling bad for yourself and feeling isolated from the community. Instead of thinking about what you can get from the world, think about how much you have and seek ways to give love. It can truly open up an endless source of happiness that no one can take from you too! It doesn't matter how much money you have, what your job is, what your age is, if you're single, married, divorced, straight, gay, recovering, confused, annoyed, this is a universal law, when you focus on positive emotions, your vibe shifts and the law of attraction works in your favor. We are telling ourselves the narrative of our life in our mind and that story we allow to play, generates our emotions. Our reactions and words all come from this story.

If we say to ourselves that we are grateful and loving, the story will be different.  Which brings us to the importance of Affirmations. Try using the mantra, "I am grateful and loving," as often as possible and see how your life shifts. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars to get your chakras cleared when you have the power to shift your vibration and retrain your mind, for free! Get empowered by developing positive thinking habits and keep finding ways to help your community and you'll enjoy everyday no matter where you are. 

With Love, House of Intuition

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