Beginning to Meditate

Meditation is trending. More yoga studios are opening across the world and people are gaining control over their emotional states. This is contributing to a more peaceful culture where there are less blowups and more compromise. There are more people of all religions starting to get into meditation and scientists as well. The internal world is the new value system coming into the economy and as we develop technologically, we are also developing consciously. But where do you begin? Do you just sit down and try not to think about anything? Some people find it easier to do guided meditations because they are so used to being stimulated that being completely still and thoughtless puts them to sleep. For me, that was the case as well. I remember sitting at Yogaworks in meditation class trying so hard not to fall asleep in the dim lighting and soothing sounds. Alas, my body would win probably because of... well, being a human and needing to work. It's important to not make meditation difficult or you won't want to add it to your to do list.

I wanted to share with you my process so you can try it out for yourself. I do it even when I am travelling and I also find that it helps me (as an empath) "deal." People don't get under my skin as much and I don't worry as much. It allows me to stay calm when other people are having meltdowns. It allows me to be able to accept constructive criticism better. It also allows me to self reflect on how I can be a kinder person and improve the way I treat people. It's improved my decision making down to budgeting and boundaries. Heck, there's not much it hasn't helped. It has helped me listen to what my natural needs are so that I don't bulldoze my physical body into the ground by not eating right or not sleeping enough. Are you sold yet? I haven't told you the best part. Meditation has allowed me to manifest what I want and that has freed me from living in fear. Say what?! Stop the record. That sounds all well and good but can meditation really bring stuff into our life?

Well let's think about it for a moment, if we focus on what we want, then we are probably more inclined to spend time working towards those goals. Many of us live without focus and meditation can certainly bring clarity on what direction we actually want to steer our life. Next there's the magic of visualization. When you start to picture yourself stable and secure, loving your job, feeling relaxed in your life and enjoying your relationships, you are creating neural patterns in your brain. That means the calm and happy you that you envision starts to feel more natural and expected by the subconscious mind. Meaning that you vision of yourself starts to essentially reprogram your identity. How do we do this? Here's how I do it. It's not the only way but it's a great start!

The first part of my meditation is sitting quietly and breathing for a moment. I then clear my chakras by visualizing each of the colors spinning strongly from the lowest to the highest. I start at the root chakra which is associated with the frequency that vibrates red. I often picture red energy connecting with a tube to the center of the earth. Next I move up to the orange creativity center at the navel. I see in my minds eye that orange energy moving clockwise. I follow that with yellow energy at the solar plexus and green energy around the heart. I breathe deeply at each area a few times. Next is a blue energy around the throat followed by a purple energy at the forehead. Finally a bright white energy comes into the crown chakra. (If you get distracted during this, keep practicing and eventually you'll get used to it). 

Next I invite my higher self into the meditation. They often show up as a person but not looking completely human and that image changes from pretty often. It should feel very cozy and safe. Then I ask what I need to know about my spiritual growth and write down what I need to know after listening. Then I ask for the highest possible guide to come with any important messages. Often the same ones show up in the same place. I write down anything they want me to know too. I then ask them what I should be focusing on in life and you guessed it, I write that down too. Not everyday do I have time to do this full process so the Express meditation is sitting down and writing gratitude for the things I'm bringing into my life as if they are already here. However, I try to do the full process before the gratitude journaling. 

I often find answers I wasn't looking for in meditation. Usually it's about expending energy unnecessarily on something that isn't really a good use of time for the betterment of the whole. Sometimes it's about how to work smarter and not harder and sometimes it's about how to be more gentle towards myself in my thoughts and words. One of my teachers has the same addiction to journals as I do and I have to say, it's become my most valued possession because it's how I create, it's how I let go and it's how I connect to the other side and all the assistance that they provide in whatever ways they are orchestrating in the other dimensions. 

Hey guys if you have trouble meditation alone, House of Intuition offers many meditation classes each week (check out! It is also easier to go deeper into meditation in a group. If you aren't near LA or you're busy, we have a solution for you too! We have so many beautiful produced and heart felt meditations from our healers on www.HOI.TV that you can take with you on your phone and desktop! 

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