Learn How To Give A Tarot Reading

We are beyond excited to offer very thorough classes about Tarot on www.HOI.TV! With new classes currently being filmed, you can use this resource at your own convenience from wherever you are. Christine takes you through her class called 'The Fool's Journey' where you are able to understand the major arcana cards one by one and understand the archetypes associated with them. This class is great for beginners and an excellent refresher for seasoned card readers. You will learn what many of the symbols and colors mean.

You may want to start with her class 'Introduction To The Tarot' where she helps you learn where it came from as well as some simple card reading techniques. You don't have to give card readings to other people to utilize this information. I do my own daily spread every morning and revisit it at night to keep my intuition fresh. If you'd like to do this daily spread at home look at the picture below for reference. Card 1 represents work, card 2 represents home, card 3 represents 'unexpected,' card 4 represents your role and card 5 represents the outcome. You can read about each card and then intuitively feel what that means for the day and jot it down. You can check your accuracy each evening and overtime see how strong your intuition gets from using the cards. This is also a great way to get to know the cards.

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If you're not sure why someone would want to use the tarot deck, that's very reasonable. It is like speaking a different language. Everyone who uses cards knows there is some magic to them that's inexplicable. Often when you are asking about the same situation or it has yet to resolve, the same cards will come up. Also the cards have tremendous accuracy and relevance that defies simple blanket connections. They are a conduit to the divine through your own higher self. The way I explain it to most people is that the logic brain (controlled by the ego) gets in the way of our connection to our own higher self. The way to bypass the higher self is to use pictures, symbols, metaphors and colors because it is not the language of the logic side of the brain. The higher self, once accessed, is then able to help you understand what is best for you to do next. 

Most basically, the cards help us gain perspective on what has transpired and why. They help us understand what role we play in our lives and where our energy is projecting. They also can help us understand how to create better lives for ourselves by acknowledging where we may be fear based or self sabotaging. 

These classes are also available on our free app once you sign up for an account and we have conveniently made them in short episodes you can watch while standing in line or on your lunch break. If you are looking to become a healer, we offer many other classes that will aid in your education as well. We offer a free day trial as well as a subscription for less than 1$ a day! Visit www.HOI.TV and let the magic into your life! We also sell many decks at our stores and online along with custom tarot card boxes!

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