Envision Your Life and Manifest It

As the days pass we often get caught up in the drama of how other people make us feel and walk around carrying feelings that aren't helping us attract the life we want. Our focus is pulled into petty things like wondering how our hair looks or what we are going to wear. This type of thinking steals our power because it doesn't feed energy to our vision which is what we want to create. In order to step into the life we truly want, we need only to refocus on the future we want to create. If you find yourself thinking about potentially negative outcomes, you are only bringing more of those types of experiences into your life. However when you direct your day dreams and even use your creative side to write the life you desire and create a vision of it, you will experience it. 

There is now science that proves thoughts affect physical reality. We have seen double blind experiments prove that when one person thinks about another person, there is a physical response. If you know people that actively use manifesting techniques they will tell you that their struggle is not in manifesting (because they know it works) but in deciding what they want. The reason we sell intention candles at House of Intuition is because we know that seeing our goal helps us attain it. Distractions come easily in both the physical world and the on the mental plane and even goals can be distractions. 

A reading can be an invaluable part of your envisioning and manifesting process. The reason a reading can help you get clear with your goals is because a reader is used to connecting to your higher self and they can look past the egoistic distractions that we can easily get caught up in. They can hear the voice of your higher self easier because they practice this all the time. Their brain is trained to tune into that sensation which is subtle yet becomes stronger like a radio station when the connection is purposefully developed.

When you're just beginning to practice manifesting, it's best to just start practicing because once you experience the magic, you'll be motivated to do it more. However, you really will want to be careful what you wish for as they say because if you get a job that pays a lot of money, you may not like that job right? So be super specific with the types of jobs you want and the types of relationships you want. 

The final ingredients, for manifesting are timing your beginnings with the new moon and taking action before the full moon. Those who seem to have incredible luck work with the celestial bodies and make sure to do everything they can in the physical world to push their dream forward. Those who sit back waiting for it to happen aren't putting as much energy towards it making it less potent. As a final cherry on top, I have found that writing the intention twice per day morning and night as if it's already there helps. Saying thank you for this essentially. Also making a vision board will help and visualizing it when you write it. My absolute favorite manifesting meditation which I give to my clients is the Sobagh Kriya which is an ancient kundalini yoga meditation that 'invokes the wealth of the universe.' That one is for prosperity but I have found it brings gifts, free things and opportunities. 


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