Full Moon in Libra: A Happy Time with Promise for Success

Tuesday's full moon is the luckiest of this year! Situated smack dab in between the luckiest planet and star, fortune may be coming easiest for you now. It's not all about money either, social life is blossoming and your spiritual side is transforming. This moon is great for creative people because it channels your energy towards your projects and heightens your creativity. This is the first full moon of the new astrological year and with a Jupiter retrograde, if and only if you purify your intentions, you can find unexpected success! Those who don't do their spiritual work may find the next few months will move them backwards. 

There is a supportive energy that will provide you with what you need this full moon! Lovers need to avoid jealousy and guilt tripping their partners.

Astrologers are saying this star 'spica' brings ecclesiastical preferment and unexpected honor while Jupiter is known to bring riches. But there can be a few booby traps. Listen close to this part about relationships. While this is a very positive full moon because Libra is such a happy sign, other aspects could bring challenge if you aren't ready for the energy. This full moon may give you the impulse to overreact in your relationship. Do not make any hasty decisions because you will not be seeing things clearly! Prepare yourself mentally to probably be triggered or tried in some way so that when it happens, you will be able to stay calm and ride it out. If there are feelings buried deep within, today could unearth them so be gentle with yourself and others. Venus retrograde ends April 15th so you are still healing past experiences in your current relationships. 

In a more positive light, any full moon in Libra allows us to see what could work better in our relationships. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty which also makes it a great full moon for artists and writers. Full moons also bring change and many retrograde planets are stationing direct as other planets go retrograde so we are certainly in the midst of a revolutionary time globally and collectively.

This is a moon that asks you to be generous. It reminds us that we reap what we sow. Share what you get on this full moon and it will bolster the positive energy around you. Watch how the universal law of attraction helps those that have been living right and blocks those that need to learn how to be more selfless. 

Finally remember we are amidst a mercury retrograde so communications and travel plans can be thrown off. Exercise patience and use that sense of humor to your benefit. It stations direct again May 3rd. Clean out your car, get organized and restructure your use of time to set yourself up for your long-term goals. If we want to be a boxer, we have to take classes, train and find a mentor. What are you growing into and how do you need to use your time better to get there? 

On a global scale, we may see some covert operations exposed or some people or groups be put into exile. We will be attuned to our intuition and be able to see why things are happening. We need to be sure not to let the extra energy make us aggressive as we often see people who don't follow the moon closely can get because they aren't taking precautions to keep the nervous system calm. 

At House of Intuition we know that those that follow the moon cycles find fortune easier because they know when to reap and when to sow. They understand how to align themselves with these cycles and their good luck comes from this timing. We always have a special new moon and full moon candle to help you know what type of seeds to plant and what energy each full moon is bringing. You can learn more about the signs and your own birth chart on www.HOI.TV! 

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