Tools For Healing From Physical & Emotional Trauma

When you go through a loss, a breakup or an injury, the body needs a way to cleanse itself energetically from the emotional energy that is generated from that difficult period. A big part of our services at House of Intuition are for just that. Reiki is now being used in hospitals and nurses are excited to offer it along with their other services. But just because you're not in the hospital doesn't mean you don't need healing. A tough conversation with a parent, the loss of a pet or a multitude of other experiences are all excellent opportunities to use energy healing techniques. We offer an array of crystals that can help with both physical and emotional healing. 

Here are a few popular healing crystals you may want to add to your collection or gift to someone. Malachite is a healing stone that people often use for physical healing and deep energy healing. It is called the stone of transformation. Black tourmaline, lapiz lazuli and sodalite are known to help regulate blood pressure even! Hematite and bloodstone help with the blood. For those needing to cleanse their body, that would be a good combination. Rose quartz is an excellent crystal for after a breakup. Onyx is for support and emotional strength. Citrine is for self esteem, happiness, creativity and energy. Ruby is a great stone for healing, energy and helps with depression. Carnelian and moonstone are good for dealing with grief. This is only skimming the surface of many types of crystals that can aid in your healing process. Their resonance interacts with your body's energy field to help it harmonize. For more about crystal properties, check out Naha's crystal class and our free crystal tutorials on www.HOI.TV!

You can get a reiki session after you go through something or if you feel like you are still healing an old emotional or physical wound. If you want, you can also get attuned and give reiki to yourself! This is a favorite and regular habit many people use called 'self reiki.' Aimee is leading a reiki attunement in April on the 23rd at 10am. Aimee also has a 'basics of reiki' class on HOI.TV for those of you who are not in the LA area. If you're not local, you can search for a reiki certification class in your area. It is something you can complete in a day and then you are able to get attuned to more once you've gotten used to it. It's pretty exciting when you feel your palms buzzing and heat up but the benefits are even cooler! 

Reiki helps to clear the negative vibrations out of your subtle body and allow energy to flow through your body's meridians. It will help get rid of the fogginess or heaviness that we feel after going through a stressful time. Many people will feel lighter right away! 

If you're new to energy healing and want to understand the nuts and bolts of it more because it seems to 'out there,' check out a book in our library called The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy' by Cindi Dale. It is also available on kindle if you want to access it right away. Call me old school but I like the hard copy of a book. The bottom line is, there are ways to heal your emotions and you shouldn't feel like you have to options nor should you feel like you have to figure it all out alone. The people that offer you healings are compassionate and understanding and no matter what you are going through, they are there to provide a safe healing space. 

Finally, I'd like to mention that if you feel sad or depressed, you may still be healing from an experience that you aren't consciously thinking about on a regular basis. Imagine if you could feel better from going through a reiki session or a crystal healing session with Naha. There is more joy available to us than most people realize because let's face it, most of us were not aware of the subtle body growing up nor did we have energy management techniques. We may be holding onto the pain of all of our breakups and need to clear that. That would be enough to make someone overreact when just one thing triggers all those memories that are still hanging around. 

It's not weak to ask for help. It's responsible and it's a step that can allow you to heal the relationship you have with yourself so you can start to attract higher vibration people! 

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