Build Your Fire With Kristin's Elemental Yoga Class

This Saturday you have an opportunity to light the fire within you. Do you want to ignite more passion? How about creativity and strength? This class has your name on it! It's only and hour long and you can expect a strength building flow that will even help increase your sexual energy (thanks Kristin!). As a full moon approaches and our confidence rises, fire will help us move towards our dreams. This month you can learn how to balance all four elements with Kristin in a 4 week series yoga class happening Saturdays at 2pm. Earth, water and air will be the following three weeks of classes. Why is it important to have these elements balanced within your body? The elements connect us to everything. They give us our magic and connect us to power inherent within us. 

If you feel lack luster or unmotivated, this practice is great for you. The sun salutations and ab work do more than sculpt your body. They also strengthen your nervous system and stimulate the sacral and solar plexus chakras. In normal words, that means that it stimulates the nerve bundles near your navel and ribs that generate feelings of creativity and self confidence. If you're looking to have a healthier self esteem, this type of practice can help you break through old feelings and ways of thinking. This practice is also highly focused on the Ujjayi breath which is probably the most important part of the class. It is called the warrior breath which detoxes your blood and brings life force into your energy field. The breath helps to send oxygen to the cells which store memories which may be making us feel heavy or sluggish.

If you've never tried yoga, I can attest as a 12 year practitioner and also a teacher of four years that it is life altering. It is the foundation of my success and my happiness. It is over 4, 000 years old and the practice is not just about stretching. It is about the mind and overcoming the mind. Yoga teaches us not to be a slave of the mind, our fears or our environment. Yoga is actually a philosophy that helps you reach a state of peace and incorporates phyiscal poses. Most people think of yoga as just stretching but this is just a misconception. Yoga also builds a lot of strength and you will be suprised how challenging it can be. There is no way to get bored with yoga as there is always a new discovery within yourself to be made. With 22 major branches in the West, you can find calming classes or active classes depending on what you need and are experiencing. There are restorative classes for being gentle to yourself and there are active classes for getting your health back on track. They say the entire point of the strengthening and stretching is to make the body strong enough to meditate. 

Meditation is the key to happiness because the mind attracts things to us whether we are consciously thinking of them or not. Most of the clients I see at House of Intuition get the same advice, do yoga and meditate. I also ask them how their diet is. Quite literally, doing yoga can open up opportunities for new jobs and relationships because it will increase the size of your energy field, release endorphins which make you feel positive and let go of stuck emotions that may be keeping people from feeling safe and happy in your presence. As we heal ourselves, the world around us becomes more positive. This is the ancient hermetic saying, "as within, so without." I often feel like a broken record saying this but when we treat ourselves like a temple, the world will treat us with dignity, love and respect. If we treat ourselves without that sacredness, the world can only mirror that same energy back to us because we live in a holographic universe. 

Kristin's classes are an intentional experience to honor our true nature. She brings candles and crystals, incense and more. Kristin is a reader with us at House of Intuition and has been teaching yoga for four years. She is connected to the angelic realm and also offers reiki as a certified reiki master. 

If you are ready to sign up, click here!

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