How To Use The Money Magic Candle and Bayberry

Article by Ryan Trinh

For some of us, me included, money is a ruling factor in how we live our lives and what we are able to do.  A simple $5 difference can be a life or death decision.  “Do I get this organic vegan salad for $15 or a full meal for 2 days for $10?”  

While working in a metaphysical realm, people forget that in order to live comfortably, money does help us in the material realm where we reside to attain these metaphysical gifts.  And while living an ascetic lifestyle is honorable, most of us would like to have a cell phone, a roof over us, and to be spiritual aware.  

That being said, there is a plethora of money magic and spellwork that we can enlist to help us save money and help us with abundance work.  One of my favorite money herbs to work with is Bayberry especially since it’s used in a lot of traditional formulas to help save money and stay with us.  So instead of continually spending money, this is a recipe we can use for when we need to learn to save money and charge our own money for future use.

For this money saving recipe/ritual you will need:

  • Money Magic Candle
  • Bayberry root (whole or powdered)
  • Thyme (herb or essential oil)
  • Peppermint (herb or essential oil)
  • Almond oil
  • A container with a cap

On a Friday night, New Moon, or Full Moon (whichever is convenient for you), sit and meditate with yourself.  Focus on your attention and intention on your financial stability, opportunities for more money, your ability to save money, and your desire to kick some bad money spending habits.  While we may operate from a headspace of financial instability, focus on feeling financially stable and the possibilities of abundance.  When you feel ready, light your Money Magic Candle.  

In your container with a cap, fill it half way up with Almond oil and add your Bayberry root, Thyme, and Peppermint.  If you are using the powder, a few pinches should suffice.  With this recipe, you can use the essential oil in lieu of the physical herb to scent this oil.  For example, you can use a few drops of Peppermint oil, a thyme sprig, and a few pinches of Bayberry root.  This is something that you should allow your intuition and (scent profiles) to guide you.  

Once you’ve assembled your combination however you see fit, sit with the oil blend meditate with it, fill it with your energy and thank the herbs that you’ve used for the work they’ll do with you.  Let this combination of herbs and oils sit and charge on your altar as your Money Magic candle burns.  

Once the candle is burned out (or after 7 days if you are unable to let the candle burn continuously) you can start using this money oil.  

A great way to use this oil is to dress your money candles with it for the intention of saving money.  What I love doing is taking any spare dollar bills I have and dab the corners with this oil blend.  After dressing it, I let it sit on my altar for 7 days before I spend it.  This way, you are also budgeting yourself and your charging your money to be spent later on.  I try to also make it a habit to dig through my pockets daily to see what extra dollars I have that I can have myself save and use to make this form of magical money.

And again, with any form of magic that is meant for a tangible outcome for ourselves, we have to remember that these spells are not genies that grant our every whim.  Spells like these help empower ourselves to gain the things want and assist us to sway an outcome in our favor.  If you’re sitting at home doing these rituals, but without a job, than you’re better off finding a job to assist you in your financial predicament.

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