How To Set Your Intention For The New Year

It’s important to have an intention for the new year so that you are steering the direction of your psyche towards productive and positive goals. This will fuel you to make positive decisions and give you enthusiasm when you wake up in the morning. It’s time to use our creative gifts to heal the world and help resolve many of the issues being brought up in the media. Think about how your special talents and strengths could align with a cause and contribute to something that would help the community. Maybe you are passionate about spirituality, the environment, women’s issues, equality or worker’s rights. The bottom line is, just making a lot of money isn’t enough to fulfill the hardwired needs of our DNA which is to nurture. So that being said, here is how to set your intention for the new year!

  1. Start with a mediation to hear what you should create this year. Ask what you should create in a year and in a month. Ask what is in the highest good and what will give you sustainable happiness, not instant gratification. Maybe you need to lower your overhead, want to develop your intuition or spiritual foundation, or perhaps it’s time to start your new career!
  2. Write down your intention in a journal. Be sure to write the immediate intention as well as the long term intention. It may sound like this, “my intention is to publish my first book this year which will help empower women.” Then you can thank your guides and the angels for helping you with this and you can say it as if it’s already here affirming that you are open to this reality. That would sound something like this, “I love my new earthy home that is affordable! Thank you so much!” This generates emotions which send thought waves out into the universe.
  3. Light our new years candle and place your intention under the candle. Place the candle on an alter or a special place. Snuff out the candle by placing a plate on top instead of blowing it out and remember to set your intention while you light it. We have magic candles as well that may help you hone in on what you're trying to create! If nothing else, just light a candle to symbolize giving light to this new intention.
  4. Visualize this as a reality in your life being as vivid as possible in your mind. Most importantly, repeat this process morning and night until the full moon on January 12th! Consistently revisiting your intention morning and night will help you focus on how to use your time and help send that blueprint out into the universe.
  5. Take action on your intention before January 12th! We need to meet the universe halfway and you are teaching yourself a manifesting process that will take you through the twelve months of this year with power and grace. We can’t expect the same results if we just sit back and expect the universe to do all the work!
  6. Wear a crystal necklace that offers you the energy you will need to fulfill this dream. For example Tiger’s eye is for confidence, Fluorite is for focus, Rose Quartz is for self love. If you’re looking to boost creativity, there are crystals for that as well. I love the ascension stone necklaces we carry which incorporate sacred geometry.
May your year be filled with the power of the sun, the creativity of the moon and the luck of Jupiter! May the gods and guides come through to help you on your journey in this year of positive new beginnings! Remember that it's the year of the Rooster according to the Chinese Zodiac so make sure to dress fabulous and don't be afraid to be in the public eye as a leader because the energy supports it! Lead the peace revolution and let us support you on your journey. Be blessed.
With Love, Shannon

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