Develop Core Magical Skills with Nabeel

Do the words magic, divination and astral travel interest you? How about aura, energy healing and spirit guides? If you answered yes, then you are ready for Nabeel’s 8 week Sorcery School! Each class is $35 (a bargain if you ask me) and he will impart to you his knowledge of the occult. This well structured series is only $200 if you pay in advance! That’s really a great deal for the subjects that are being covered. You can click here to sign up! The first class is Wednesday January 4th at 7pm! Talk about starting off the new year right! 

If you’re not familiar with magic, that’s ok! This class is good for beginners and experienced magicians. It builds upon each week to get you to a place where you really feel comfortable working with magic. There is a lot to learn and just taking one class isn’t going to get you that far! If you’re unsure of how this would help you in your daily life, let’s just say it’s probably the most practical life hack you will find. When it comes to making good decisions, taking care of your physical health and attracting the right jobs and relationships, that’s what magic is all about! Besides that, what more to life is there?

Magic pulls from many ancient cultures and throughout the spirituality of many cultures, the same types of practices developed such as meditation, working with the chakras and connecting to spirits. If you are ready to make a turn for the better in your life, this class will open your eyes to a new reality, one where possibilities are limitless and your connection to your purpose is clear. It opens you to a life full of meaning and passion. Sound exciting? This is only the beginning. As you heal with the tools Nabeel offers you, imagine being able to access information with your intuition or connect to spirits that can help you in the physical world!

Some of the subjects covered in this extremely comprehensive course include scrying (foretelling the future), banishing and understanding altars. Your fearless leader is a shaman and Nabeel was born empathic and intuitive. He is initiated into the Incan Shaman line and into the Buddhist Vipasaana tradition. He offers energy healings and his main goal is to empower students to make positive lasting changes in their lives. He has helped treat physical and psychological conditions as a spiritual healer. When you meet him, you will instantly know he is a wealth of information on many subjects like Eastern mysticism. Not many people have the freedom to take classes like this or have access to such esoteric education. In the past, this type of information was so secretive, people were killed for revealing it! Even in certain areas, this information is still shunned because it is so highly misunderstood.

In case you were wondering, this class is not about black magic. Just as there are white witches and dark witches, sorcery is an interchangeable term for using magic with the assistance of spirits. Any sane person who understands the law of attraction knows that manipulating others has repercussions and what we are offering is only positive, healing and non-manipulative of others (just to be clear)! There are still stigmas associated with the vernacular of the metaphysical world and we are heal to polish up that reputation with your help and all of our pure intentions!

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