A New Year, A New You: Transform with Naha

Well it’s almost a new year and time to start thinking about the momentum you want to create for yourself in 2017! What vision of yourself makes you the most happy? Chances are if you’re reading this blog, you want to deepen your spiritual foundation and connection to your guides. If you’re looking to get more mystical, more empowered and learn how to heal yourself and others, then do I have a plan for you! Naha, our most veteraned House of Intuition healer offers three courses back to back to transform your consciousness and make a healer out of you!

Naha started with House of Intuition at the very beginning, 7 years ago. She is a serious metaphysician and well known for her crystal healings. She is highly educated, highly intuitive and a seasoned teacher. This is someone who can help make sense of the metaphysical world when you’re just starting out or challenge you to go deeper within. So here is the incredible line up she is offering to start 2017 beginning the very fist week of January. Let’s not waste time, the world needs more healers!

One thing people want to know when studying in depth with someone is what that person's background is. I asked Naha about her classes and she wanted us to be sure to understand that she has not just studied things online, she herself has been a diligent student. Here is what she said about her training:

"The lineage of my teachers is that of the Western Mystery Tradition, passed down from the Alexandrian Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt and brought into the modern era through the teachings of magical groups such as The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The word Hermetic describes teachings from Hermes Trismegistus, the ancient Alchemist/Philosopher from whom we get the axiom "As Above, So Below". The Hermetic Sciences include Alchemy, Astrology, Tarot, Qabalah, Sacred Geometry, Theurgy (invoking the angelic realm) and Numerology. Hermetic also suggests "sealed, secret" and these secret teachings have been traditionally passed down directly from teacher to pupil. When the theory of Hermetic principles is put together with practical application, that is literally where the magic happens. Having the knowledge is fine and good, but actually using it through ceremony and ritual transforms the student into a magician. I founded 22 Teachings as a way to transmit these teachings to the current generation of students, and give them the opportunity to put this wisdom into practice."

So what can you take? It's no small endeavor! She has the next six months full of classes for you to get a well rounded magical knowledge base. The basic foundation is taught in 3 courses which build upon and supplement each other. While any course may be taken individually, they are designed so that a serious student may study for 6 consecutive months. Here's her description of them:

Learn To Read Tarot: An 8 Week Course - students learn the elements, symbols and meanings of the 78 cards and how to do tarot readings for themselves and others.

Developing Intuition: An 8 Week Course - everything from Meditation and Spirit Guides to Past Lives and Energy Healing.

Crystals and Stones: A 6 Week Course - gives the student a thorough understanding of the Crystal Kingdom and how to work with stones to amplify their practices. 

In her tarot class, which starts Thursday January 5th at 7:15pm, you will start by learning the major arcana. You will learn about the suites and elements of the minor arcana as well as the planets linked to them. And that is only the beginning! Naha offers audio recordings for people who have to miss a class too! This can be something you use for yourself or you’ll learn how to give readings to others too.

If you’re wondering how to become more psychic and intuitive, her 8 week course starting in March is perfect for you. This is also great for anyone who feels they have natural intuition but are confused about signs they are getting or how to navigate the information. I always say it’s better to learn about the other side with a professional because it is so vast! Otherwise, people can get very confused or even afraid of their special gifts. Can everyone develop their intuition? Yes! It is a natural thing we all have and this class helps you understand how to practice it. It is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Finally, in her Crystals and Stones class which is just six weeks and starts in May, finishing in June, you will learn the properties of the crystals and how to use them in a very practical way. Crystals, if you’re not familiar with them have a resonance which can help you balance your emotions. These crystals can help you focus, help you heal and help you connect to spirits. Naha is a walking crystal encyclopedia and this is a favorite among our students!  

If you’re ready to dive in or just dip your toe in, what do you have to lose? Imagine, as John Lennon said, that there is a more peaceful world. The spiritual detox center, House of Intuition is not just selling you items as a business, we are pouring our heart and soul into bringing metaphysics mainstream, creating more healers and empowering you to truly trust that you are guided and supported by the other side so you can live the life you came here to live. Remember, most healers aren’t born knowing they are healers, most of us, have been through a lot, learned a lot and because we understand what people go through, we are dedicated to helping people connect to spirit because it has helped us so much! We also are open to all religious systems and believe there is room for everyone. Metaphysics is not anti-religion, it expands upon them and helps us understand our lives in a bigger way so that we can realize sustainable happiness.

If you’ve been through the ringer in life or are still in it, come to our temple where it is a safe and non-judgmental place. Where we are constantly healing and recreating ourselves. Come find your tribe! 

"If you are ready to walk the path and commence The Great Work, I look forward to helping you on your journey!"-Naha 

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