Lots Going on in Astrology This Week!

Once every 14 years the rebellious Uranus opposes the lucky planet Jupiter. Christmas day there is this strong event that could lead to sudden change. Be very careful not to let your emotions get the best of you because you may experience a roller-coaster ride. Think through your decisions and do not be impulsive. Additionally, Venus’s placement can bring wedding proposals! Sweet!

By the way, with the solstice last week on the 21st, we now see Jupiter the planet of money bringing luck to the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn for 2017! The pressure that has been felt by Aquarians, Taurus, Leo and Scorpio is now relaxed so they can stop having to do so much. 

The solstice energy was that of being spiritually reborn, marking the birth of the sun and our creative energy.

It’s time to assess your communication style and thought patterns. This new moon in Capricorn during Mercury retrograde will help you catch your dreams so you can manifest them. I often hear people say, “I don’t know what I want.” This new moon will help you get clear. The themes with this new moon are romance and idealism. Mars is making what we call a conjunction (meaning blended or united) with Neptune. Mars is the passion planet while Neptune is our imagination. You’ll see people expressing themselves romantically and then having the enthusiasm to pursue their humanitarian ideals!

This is a highly positive new moon with some wishes being granted for those who have worked hard. Many people will get in touch with their deepest passions. We will have a lot of mental energy to reflect on how our thoughts and attitudes have been affecting our reality. That is how mercury retrograde can help you move through blocks. Since thoughts affect reality, your mind will be able to heal those thoughts that have been coagulating to your own detriment.

Bring your intention towards one cause or important project that you feel passionate about and begin to focus on it. You can expect things to move forward with it after Mercury retrograde ends January 8th, the full moon January 12th or the end of the shadow period January 27th. The reason it’s easy for us to focus on our goals on this new moon is because Capricorn is the hardest working sign in the zodiac. They are extremely ambitious. When a Capricorn is under stress, they work harder. Now that the sun and moon are both in Capricorn, we have double the motivation working for us. Set your resolutions now that the ethers are ripe. Your practical mind is heightened with the earth energy of Capricorn.

I expect your psyche to transform on the new moon because we have the retrograde planet Uranus that is in charge of rebellion and quick surprises and results going direct after five months. This can be somewhat unsettling because of the cosmic energies shifting so please stay calm and do not let your temper get the best of you.

Finally, don’t drink too much on new years as the planetary alignments are brewing the potential for arguments! In summary, use that new moon energy to catapult yourself into an inspired and locked in vision for the year ahead! You can attend my Manifesting with The Moon Cycles and Vision Boarding Class on Thursday December 29th at 7pm to make a vision board and learn how to bring these dreams you will be catching to fruition!

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