Cancer New Moon + Solar Eclipse - June 21st, 2020

We welcome the Cancer new moon and its accompanied solar eclipse as a powerful agent of much needed change. The Cancer new moon brings quick and intense collective shifts as a solar eclipse will supercharge the moon’s energy. When a solar eclipse happens, we can all expect to be recipients of change or be pressed to make them for ourselves especially if they were a long time coming. Cancer reminds us to respect our wellbeing, our sense of homes and the sensitivities in our hearts. This new moon opens a portal of sacred balance between how we feel and what we’re responsible for. For example, we could find there’s a need for a better work-life balance, or we may create boundaries within our families or places of work that don’t nurture our best selves. Notice when you feel that something is affecting you personally and reflect on whether you need to make a change or if a deeper, more sensitive part of you is calling for your attention. In the months to come, there is a brightening awareness that we are responsible for nurturing and protecting all beings in our collective. We can begin the process of asking ourselves where our personal boundaries that keep us comfortable and safe have conflicted with the responsibility we have to respect and protect all souls in our collective. We have the opportunity to identify and break down boundaries that are self-serving so that we’re open to the needs and safety of others.


Here are some recommendations for recipes and rituals for this particular new moon.

- Being that it is a moon in a water sign, it may be a good idea to do a cleansing salt bath, especially the Clarity Herbal Bath Bag or Glow Herbal Bath Bag

- Use a White, Black, or Blue candle or our New Moon Candle

- Add a small pinch of Rose (for self love), Jasmine (for inner awareness), and Chamomile (for joy)

- Anoint the candle with Sword and Shield Anointing Oil to help set boundaries or Mystic's Delight Anointing Oil for intuitive insights.

The Jasmine used in this candle dressing was chosen to help represent the Moon while the Chamomile was used to represent the Sun.  You can also opt for any other flower that are ruled by these two energies.

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