Weekly Forecast for 6/14

Mercury begins its retrograde transit through Cancer this week and lasts until July 12th, giving us another opportunity to get in touch with our emotional truth. Mercury will uncover where our emotional shadow-selves have been hiding, helping us to gain clarity on the ways we’ve used our emotions and boundaries to gain what we want for better or worse. This is also a time to gain clarity on how others have done this with us. The end of the week brings empowerment and a strong belief in our personal success. The sun moves into Cancer on Saturday, bringing our attention to family, home and close connections. While the sun is visiting Cancer, boundaries that make us feel safe and cared for and how we can provide safety and nurturance for others can come to light. With Mercury transiting Cancer at the same time, we can begin to distinguish which of our boundaries are self-serving, which are genuine, and which ones have blocked us from growing in the past.

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