Candle Magic: How to Cast Attraction Spells

How to Cast Attraction Spells
Most spells usually fall into one of two categories: either banishing or attracting. Banishing spells are all about getting rid of what no longer serves you—be it a bad habit, toxic relationship or an intrusive entity. Attraction spells are the exact opposite. They’re about calling in what you need now, be it love, money or personal power. Don’t let the name fool you: ‘attraction’ here isn’t necessarily limited to sex and romance. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish or acquire, you can use attraction spells to bring yourself closer to your goals. 


Here’s a simple attraction spell to bring you within reach of your desires: 


First, obtain two candles, one that will represent you and another to symbolize your goal. For example, if you want to bring more traffic to your business, you might choose a warm & welcoming pink candle for yourself and a lucky green candle as the goal. Or, for a more traditional love spell, you might choose a red candle for yourself to help you stand out and a pink candle for the lover you hope to attract.


Time your spell appropriately. Attraction spells are most effective during the Waxing Moon—the two weeks starting a couple days after the New Moon until the Full Moon. If you’re casting a spell for this intention for the first time—meaning, you’ve never cast a spell for this goal before—then begin the ritual on the New Moon. Otherwise, wait till the Waxing Moon. 


Create a sacred space by burning sage, lighting incense, and/or praying & chanting, inviting your guides and helpers to join you. Set the candles on your altar or workspace, placing them on either end, about a foot and a half away from each other. 


Clear your mind and set your intentions clearly. Write your intentions down on natural paper in plain English, as a sigil, or a simple drawing. Fold the paper up and cut it into seven pieces. Arrange the seven scraps in a line between the two candles. 


Now light the candles and visualize the fulfillment of your desires. Imagine with all the senses how amazing it would feel to have what you want, and spend some time dwelling in that feeling. Then, when you’re ready, pick up the scrap of paper closest to the candle that represents your goal. Place the scrap between your palms. Still visualizing your intention, gently blow onto the scrap of paper. 


Dip the paper in both candles if you can and then let it burn. When the scrap is done burning, move the goal candle one space closer to the main candle, filling in the spot left by the burnt seventh scrap. Complete the first night of the ceremony by closing your sacred space. You can leave the candles burning continuously or snuff them, but don’t blow them out.


The next night, resume the ceremony by opening sacred space again. Relight or replace the candles if necessary. Pick up the sixth scrap of paper, the one nearest to the goal candle. Hold it in your palms as you visualize your desire. Enjoy the feeling of having what you want before blowing the intention onto the paper. Again, dip the scrap into the two candle flames. When it’s done burning, again move the goal candle one space closer to the main candle. Close your sacred space. 


Repeat this process each night for seven nights, until all of the scraps of paper have been burnt and the two candles are side by side. Let them burn continuously until they go out naturally, or turn them off and on as you need, but do be sure to finish the candles completely. 


These spells usually take about 28 days to get going. Remember to look for signs after three days, movement after three weeks and completion after three months. If you’re not seeing progress, consider whether you really want what you’re asking for, and whether or not someone else’s free will opposes you. Now is probably a good point to mention the ethical quandaries of using attraction spells on people. 


Love magic is one of the most popular uses of the occult. Seduction is a common goal, and the obsessive desire to possess someone you lust for can be tempting. But there are some major caveats to consider before attempting such endeavors. Not only is magic that’s meant to violate someone’s free will ethically dubious, but it’s also less likely to be effective. Free will is fairly inviolable, and thus magic cannot truly break it. As much as your spell may influence the object of your affections, that person will ultimately have the free will to do as they desire. Trying to violate someone’s free will through magic will have the same negative consequences that doing so physically would. 


So how can an attraction spell help if it can’t trick your crush into bed with you? Well, it can still attract the general outcomes you desire, but not necessarily the specifics. The best love spell is cast to attract the right lover, not a specific person you’re longing for. Rather than doing magic for a particular person, cast a spell for the kind of relationship you want and imagine it fully.


The same goes for using magic and attraction spells for business, politics or other reasons. Rather than casting a spell to influence a potential business partner to sign a deal with you, cast a spell to attract the right business partner. Rather than doing magic to target others, consider how changing yourself will change the situation. 


But let’s face it, those of us who are desperate will go to any lengths to get what we want, including using magic. So while you can use this attraction spell to help you snare a particular person, remember that the spell can only set up the pitch, but you still have to swing to hit the ball. That means that the spell may succeed in physically drawing the person closer to you—you may start running into them more often or start traveling in the same circles. But ultimately, the attraction spell is not a possession spell, it cannot finish the job for you. A successful attraction spell conspires to rig the odds in your favor, but you still have to play. 


Attraction spells aren’t limited to physical outcomes like sex, love and money either. They can also apply to power in general. For example, you could draw more courage to yourself, or more laughter. By focusing your spells on yourself, you highly increase the odds of success.  


Try this attraction spell on this Wednesday’s New Moon in Cancer and watch as the Summer brings your dreams to fruition. 

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