Crystal Magic: Agate

Agate Crystal Magic
Agate is a silica crystal usually made of chalcedony, and stands out with loud, bright stripes of color. These cascades of gorgeous hues contain thousands of years, echoing the rings of a tree, making this stone a little fragment of time itself. 


Named after the Achates river in Sicily by the Greek philosopher Theophrastus, Agate has been used to make evil eyes and protective amulets to ward off sorcery, curses and negative energy. Agate was said to help the wearer in sports and combat, to enhance intelligence and strength.  


Agate is considered a symbol of prosperity, health and abundance. Worn, it can bring these qualities as well as a protective shield for the aura. Used in ritual, Agate is useful in magic concerning the discovery of truth, especially in recovering lost memories. Choose Wednesdays for working with Agate, which is when the stone will be at its strongest.


Even though Agate is associated with the brow chakra—or the Third Eye—it’s still very grounding, and works to balance the Third Eye and clear the mind. Since intelligent people tend to be the most often depressed, they are served well by keeping Agate close, as it dispels moodiness and sorrow. For healing, place the stone over the brow while lying down. A restless mind will gradually grow still, allowing the truth of a situation to be seen.


Connected with the element Earth, Agate corresponds with the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn, offering many potential alignments to incorporate into your ritual work. While often brown and gold, there are many variations such as Moss Agate, which is green and blue and helps to access the realm of the Fae. 


To choose the right crystal, hold one in your left hand and press it against your belly. You’ll know if it feels good or not. When you get it home, wash it with cold water and let it charge under direct sunlight for a few days. Ritually imbue it with your intention and know that it’s charged and ready to work. 


Remember, Agate is usually found in volcanic rock, which is why it glows like molten lava, revealing that stones, mountains and the earth itself are all alive and changing, albeit much slower than we are. If lava can become mountains, and mountains can become canyons, then you can surely transform as well.

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