Candle Magic Love Spell: Love Come to Me

Love Come to Me Spell


Love spells are many people’s first introduction to practicing magic. Some of us are pining for the one who got away, others yearn for new love, and many of us suffer unrequited love. Desperate times usually call for desperate measures, and the irrational game of love naturally leads many of us to explore the intuitive world of magic for tools to help us navigate an emotionally brutal landscape. 


The following is a classic love spell that works quite effectively for both men and women. 


First, obtain a small bride & groom candle—the kind you put on a wedding cake. 


Second, if you can, retrieve a single thorn from a rose bush. If you can’t, a tooth pick or needle will suffice, though it’s not ideal as the rose thorn. 


Time your spell according to your need. For those trying to reunite with a past lover or patch things up with a quarreling partner, schedule your ceremony for the Full Moon—a perfect time for seeking closure, reunion and completion in your relationship matters. For those trying to attract new love or conjure a new relationship, schedule your working for the New Moon instead, since that’s a better time for casting new intentions. And everyone should avoid working any love magic on the last few days of the Moon cycle before the New Moon, since that’s a time for extreme banishing rituals and exorcisms, so save those nights for spells to banish exes and unwanted admirers. 


For your ceremony, create a sacred space using incense, sage, prayer, chanting, bells, meditation, etc. Then, using your rose thorn, carve the bride & groom candle with the words, “All my love come to me,” or simply, “Love come to me.” Carve the phrase three times on the candle if possible. If the candle is too small, just once is fine.  


Optionally, you can dress the candle in a combination of rose oil, honey, vetiver, jasmine, lilac and lavender. Additionally, if you are casting the spell with a particular person in mind that you are hoping to attract, then you should also acquire a picture and some keepsakes of that person—especially items they have physically touched. 


But a word of warning to those who are trying to use love magic to seduce a particular person: the most you will be able to accomplish is encouraging your target to give you all the love they have for you, as much or as little as that may be. They will not simply blindly fall in love with you. Magically forcing someone who does not love you to fall in love with you is a violation of that person’s free will, which means it will have karmic consequences for you. If you wouldn’t violate someone’s free will with your physical actions—such as holding someone against their will—then you shouldn’t feel free to violate someone’s free will with your magical actions by casting spells to manipulate them. 


Ideally, you should use this spell to attract the right partner for you—regardless of who that may be. If you are not specific about who you are targeting, and you leave that up to the universe, then you will greatly increase the chances of your spell working instantly. If you target your spell at a particular person, your will is bumping up against theirs, fundamentally putting you in conflict. While it’s certainly possible to influence someone this way—just as it’s possible to physically restrain someone if you truly intended it—that doesn’t mean you should do it. Using the spell to summon a healthy relationship rather than manipulate an unrequited love will produce much more effective and harmonious results. 


When you’re done carving and maybe dressing the candle, set it upon your altar. If you don’t have an altar, just set it somewhere at about eye level where you can gaze at it while meditating comfortably. Light the candle and gaze upon it until it melts completely. As you observe the changing candle, visualize experiencing the outcome you desire. Imagine your love coming to you and how amazing that makes you feel. Visualize with all the senses by imagining how your lover feels, smells, tastes, and indulge in the sumptuousness of the visualization.  


After the candle is done burning, wrap up the remains in a simple container like a small box, pouch or bundle of cloth. Place it on your altar or in a safe place where it won’t be disturbed. Leave it there indefinitely. If love comes to you and you change your mind or the relationship sours and you no longer want that person to love you, then take the remains of the spell and ritually dispose of it in your preferred method. Options for disposing are to burn the remains of the melted candle in a ceremonial fire, bury them at a crossroads, or toss them into a moving body of water.  

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