Crystal Magic: Fluorite

Fluorite—also called Fluorspar—is the mineral form of calcium fluoride. 


The word “Fluorite” comes from the Latin fluo, fluor & fluere, which means a stream, flowing water, or to flow, because it’s commonly found in a sea-green or ocean blue color. Though named for flowing water, Fluorite can appear in a complete rainbow of colors, often containing two or more bands of color. 


Fluorite is an excellent stone for creativity. Especially useful for artists, Fluorite can inspire creativity and help artistic endeavors like creative writing, poetry and song. Inspiration is a powerful quality of this stone, so it’s often used to treat writer’s block. 


It’s also helpful for artists and creative types because it acts to build confidence as well. If your career requires you to face constant criticism, rejection and even ridicule, Fluorite is a powerful guardian who can protect against harsh critiques of your talents. 


Fluorite can add protection against more than just criticism. As a protective stone, Fluorite can be worn by travelers for safety, especially those who are traversing dangerous paths. People deploying to war zones or disaster areas are better served by wearing Fluorite on their mission. 


The protective quality of Fluorite extends to the magical realms as well. If you are dealing with unwanted energies or intrusive entities, Fluorite can act as a psychic shield against their influences. But the most common magical use of Fluorite is to enhance mental power. 


Fluorite can enhance mental power for regular tasks like reading, focus and concentration, as well as magical abilities like clairvoyance, meditation, astral travel, and scrying. Overall, Fluorite clears the agitated mind like a wave washes away sand castles. The resulting clarity allows one to achieve higher intellectual feats of concentration, as well as tap into the magical, intuitive or psychic faculties. Turning off the mind is a prerequisite for most magical work and Fluorite can help in this regard. 


When Fluorite is held against the third eye during meditation, it is particularly effective at enhancing concentration and focus. So if you’re hitting your late afternoon slump and need a pick-me-up, a five minute meditation with Fluorite can do wonders to enhance your attention span. 


Fluorite is a great stone for beginners because it’s relatively easy to feel its energy. To pick the right stone for you, hold one in your left hand and press it against your belly. If it feels good, take it home and wash it under cold water. Set it where it will receive direct sunlight for three consecutive days. Then, hold the stone in your right hand and press it against your belly again. Inhale, visualizing your breath pulling energy into your body, and then exhale, visualizing that energy beaming into the stone. As you do this intentional breathing, imagine the clarity you desire to receive from Fluorite. After a few minutes, your stone is ready to use. Wear it as a charm, talisman or necklace, carry it in a pouch or pocket, or leave it on your altar.  

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